Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stain or No Stained?

This is a small stack of the many cloth napkins I am ironing at the moment.  I absolutely love vintage linens and these soiled, stained, somewhat worn napkins are no exception.  

The use is evident in many different ways.  Oddly enough, I have come to appreciate all the years of spots and how they came to be a part of this linen history.

Just sitting here mulling over their imperfections and have come to love the darkened circle as much as the bright colors.  There have been many years a stain soiled linen would get chucked into the rag more.  Stains are just as memorable as the fabric or the napkin.  The spots now indicate use, and more importantly the likelihood that something fun happened to cause the stain.

Stain or no stain?
I choose stain.

1 comment:

donna!ee said...

amen sister...i have the same attraction to "stained" napkins & tablecloths. i can just sense the liveliness of an "event" that is evidenced by a "stain" ... :)