Friday, May 18, 2012

Craft To Go Kit!

I am always on the hunt for the magical "craft bag" that encompasses all of my creative needs.  Believe me, I have tried every type of backpack, divider container, tote or satchel that has been designated the ultimate creative carrying device.  Some are great, but not quite what I need.  

First mistake on my part is thinking I need to carry enough supplies to make a quilt, crochet a sweater, stitch an entire team's logo on their shirt or clothe some naked person I might encounter at a volleyball tournament.  Truly, a craft bag should contain a reasonable amount of supplies that could outfit some splurge of creativity that may only have a window of 15-30 minutes to reach lift-off.  In the middle of a sporting event is not the time to create your entry into the largest embroidered piece of fabric for "Guinness Book of World Records." Said "craft bag" should be minimal!

To which this was created.  
1.  a letter size accordion file
2. an embroidery floss divider box

This is only two things!

First of all the key to fun embroidery is a wonderful palette of color.  My choice of color is clearly driven by the millisecond I begin a project.  I like options.  This gives me many.

Next the accordion file...first pocket I have needles and scissors.

Middle pockets hold old photos, pre-cut squares of great fabric, ephemera and miscellaneous doo-dads I might could embellish the finished work. Not a huge inventory, but plenty to get the creative juices flowing.

The back pocket holds a tiny embroidery hoop, for sometimes this does make tedious sewing easier.

There you have it....two things.  This can be thrown into the tote that carries my Ipad, snacks, water, camera and newspaper.  Thus far, this is 'da-bomb'!

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