Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fantastic Quilt Graces My Bed!

The week before Christmas I went to an estate sale!  Maybe because of the time of year, it was very unattended. Slam dunk for me! There in one of the many rooms of priced doo-dads, Mikasa plates, used blenders and Avon bottles was a small stack of some of the yummiest quilts ever made.  One of those being this little quintessential quilt of color-rific shades of delicious goodness. This quilt called my name with an urgency that only a self-purchased Christmas gift could say.  I snapped this puppy up like it was the last purchase I would make in 2012!  

As many of you know I am in love with color!  I am going to assume me and the maker of this little creative gem had a similar aesthetic, and undying admiration for feed sack cloth.  I have no words to explain my burst of visual joy I felt when I saw it draped across a chest freezer. 

Aerial shot of giant star quilt warming my guest room.  I have no idea what this pattern is called, but I love it!

Since Christmas there have been a few dicey days around the lighten my spirit, I just drop by the guest room and gaze.

We always hear that in your mind you should be able to find your "happy place", well, I've found mine laying across a bed in the third bedroom.  Quite a "happy place" to be covered in color!

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Debbie - StudioBeeCreations said...

Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!...what a GREAT find!!...definitely some kind of star pattern the feedsack scraps of color!!...creative blessings, debbie