Thursday, January 3, 2013

Quilt Top Handmade Pillows!

I had many email requests to look at the pillows a little closer today.  So, me being a visual junky, completely understood.  These three little piggies...I mean pillows oddly spelled a story that I only noticed after the request was made to look at them.  

Nothing fancy about their construction just a beautiful, colorful square of fabric on front and back with a remnant quilt square appliquéd to one of the squares and each adorned with a hand embroidered word.

I made about 25 pillows at one time...these are the three I kept.  I loved the colors!  And, if you reflect on  yesterday's post the order has not changed.  

But upon looking at them, the first one reads, "rise".  Quite appropriate for the beginning of the day.

The second pillow reads "calm" exactly what a typical day and your mind set should be.

The third pillow reads "rest".  Enough said for the end of the day.

The mantra words to live by...

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