Saturday, January 26, 2013

Simple, But Fantastic Quilt!

I have to be reminded sometimes of the beauty found in simplicity.  Being a "maximalist", it is often hard to know when to edit.  It makes me think of Project Runway and Mr. Gunn.  Knowing when to stop...not add anything....embellish any is hard for me.  I like stuff.  

My affection for quilts is unmeasured.  I tend to be attracted to intricate piecing and multiple fabric patterns, but when I saw this quilt I was mesmerized.  So simple, but so simply beautiful.

No crazy fabrics, tiny little pieces or crazy geometrical design here, just a big fat circle on a square. 

The seller of this quilt thought it was pretty old.  I think that meant about 60+ years, as surmised in conversation.  Not being a quilt historian, I have to assume she is correct.  My minimal quilt knowledge  does not think it was made in the day of walking into a yummy quilt store and selecting fabrics.  But what we must appreciate about this quilt is the simple pattern, design and fabric choice.  

Enjoy simplicity.  It can be stunning.

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