Friday, January 25, 2013

Mixed Media "Fancy"

This is one of my favorite old photographs!  I am not equestrian-ish at all.  My Dad once bought a farm that had an old, old pony on it...I named it Larimee.  With no horse gear of any kind I wanted to ride my new pet into the sunset.  Let's just say that didn't happen.  

My Dad moved Larimee into a grazing field by the house.  I was so excited to have a horse (it was at this moment I learned a pony does not grow up to be a horse.  I was equestrian stupid too!)  I spend several days trying to become friends.  I got an old hair brush and groomed his mane...gave him carrots and apples and attempted to become the Horse Whisperer.  The day finally arrived, I felt our bonding was now my ticket to ride.  I gently got on his back and sat there.  The moment I felt settled in and balanced, he walked straight, with no haste, to the pond.  I was within seconds of my feet dragging in the murky, muddy, poop filled pond (the pigs grazed in this field too) before I jumped off.  Larimee never left the pond until I left the field.

The next day I stepped into the field and Larimee walked straight to the pond.  This same routine continued for several days.  I gave up.  Larimee was never ridden again.  His idea of friendship did not involve me sitting on his back.

Back to the photo....

This sassy woman with the lovely straw hat is no doubt in control of this fine stallion.  They both look quite "fancy" to me.  

Quite the opposite of me and Larimee.

My equestrian skills have never expanded.  Although, I know a pony is a pony.


cupcake studio said...

Love this piece...your art is always a delight! Happy New Year!

Kit said...

Great story! Love the piece you completed too. I have to admit, I have never been one for horses. Very pretty, but very intimidating to me. They are just too big! Now maybe a pony.... :) Kit

Debbie - StudioBeeCreations said...

Alexa! are such a wonderful writer ( aka: story teller )...I enjoy reading your quips each day!...very FUN mixed media art!...creative blessings, debbie