Saturday, January 5, 2013

What the ? we are going to chat about "What the ?"

My Honey and I were in hot pursuit of a unique, vintagey gift for my daughter.  She has an upcoming special day at school and we both wanted to give her a clever gift that would commemorate this day.  The only place to find such gift-giving items is a thrift store or antique mall.  Might I add, there must be some huge reason to spend the afternoon in an antique mall for my husband to do it voluntarily.  

As the breezing down each aisle began....all I seem to hear come out of his mouth was, "what the ?"
His selection of "what the" items began to become quite amusing.  I initially thought they were novelty weirdo junk, but after much observation discovered this was some one's art.

This Styrofoam head was similar to a Carmen Miranda Fall version.  The silk fall leaves and plastic gourds encircling her head were unique.

This head and neck were quite cool, yet the Alfred Dunner Peter Pan collar pleated blouse just didn't go with the roaring 20's hair-do of the mannequin.  Plus the lack of arms.  Yet, the right "non-arm" was reaching up for some reason.  I checked. Someone placed a wood stick in the base of the head to make it appear there was an arm.  Yet, the left arm was air.  All this oddness was mounted to be a piece of wall art.  What the?

This head representation is exactly why some people fear clowns.  This was the strangest non-sensical head I have ever seen.  It is hard to see, but on this rainbow, ringlet wig was a wad of gold mesh folded in a way that someone might think it was a hat.  Note the black and white cord that holds it on.  The bandanna certainly adds to the "what the?"

This was handmade as well.  The whole hanging table light contraption hung from a giant pulley in the ceiling.  This marble top had chain...pipe....odd chain....pipe all the way to the ceiling.  The blue shade was spray painted with lace and mirror dots adorning the exterior. All of this would move with just a wisp of air as you walked by.  The orange sign described all the multi functions this hanging table light provided.  Only $275

What the ?

Just observations....not criticism....just trying to understand "what the?'


Kit said...

I love your take on these items! How much fun you had. I haven't gone to an antique store in a while. Now I just have to...LOL Kit

darla said...

Now that is funny...or something!

Debbie - StudioBeeCreations said...

right up there with hubby taking me to see Les Mis.......PRICELESS! am getting ready..........
creative blessings, debbie