Friday, March 8, 2013

Embarrassed Boston Terrier

I have been very caught up in moving...spending more time away from home than my furry daughter feels I should....and upon coming home last night this is where I found her.

This is my coffee table in the basement "men den".  For some unknown reason she was standing on the table when I found her.  There is something in that face that reads "uh-oh....Mom's home and I'm standing on the table".  The bowl contains Reece's Cups and the TV was not on...hmmm?
Once she saw me, she just stood there frozen.  We had a stare-off for a short time; and of course, I giggled first.  The ears went down, her nub started wagging and oodles of snorting began.  

We both knew all was well. I am such a sucker for that little face.

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