Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Globe!

I am a freak for vintage globes!  The memory of getting one from Santa Claus is very vivid in my head. I would look up locales all the time, and sometimes spin that baby until I thought it would start sparking and lift off.  I still have that is a principle piece of my globe collection.  

But, I will have to say this globe definitely caught my eye.  The wood base built to support the globe had a storage sleeve for a paper copy of a World Atlas.  It was beautiful!  I so wanted it, but this little jewel had quite a hefty price.  The book was published in 1957.  

There are times you mull on something so long, you talk yourself out of it.  I feel I did this regarding the globe.  I so wish I would have purchased it.  A globe with combo atlas....what more do you want in geographical information? 

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Kit said...

Oh my that is so cool! I collect those little globes that are banks. They were offered by businesses in the 60's. I have 4 now. :) Kit