Thursday, April 4, 2013

30-A Art and Junk!

Gi-normous letters that scream in art language....ENTER!

"30-A Art and Junk' calls to you while driving down the road.  The over the top color and visual stimulation equate to audible screams of "PULL OVER NOW!"

Every crevice of the exterior of the building and lot on which it stands is filled with whack-a-doodle art.  Colorful, bold, re purposed, weather worn and happy!

Flowers bloom in the most unusual places.

Then of course, is the ominous alphabet graveyard.  A font lover's dream.

Inside is a way-back room that is filled with ___________.  You could actually find just about anything there.  I personally have a homing device for feed sack material, so the fabri-meter was in the red zone. Actually purchased the blue with white flower bundle.

All through this little retail haven is artistic glimpses of a 'woman in residence'.  I especially enjoy her humor, and affection for slapping the duties of women smack in the face.

Would love to have these rusty crusty letters in my studio!

Amongst the art and LARGE blingage.  This ever so subtle aqua number makes my wedding ring look like a mustard seed....humph.

More visual stimuli in the driveway.

Enjoy the simple...the colorful....the happy....and stack heaps of it in your driveway.  They will come!

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Debbie - StudioBeeCreations said...

OMGoodness gracious!!!...where-o-where is this????...loveeeeee the junkeeeeee
ps...see you next week!!!