Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Break 2013 in Seaside!

Spring Break 2013 was somewhat bittersweet....

1.  my last Spring Break with my high school senior daughter
2.  although we were in was quite nippy
3.  me and a very large portion of the world came to Florida for Spring Break

Upon landing in Florida...the first thing you MUST do is walk to the beach.  At the edge of the  boardwalk entrance, was the Sperry graveyard!

next, you gaze at the stunning beach view...

then mosey up to your condo and continue the beach view...

then learn the lay of the land via bikes!

scoot on over to a bike trail that brings tranquility to a Spring Break marred with oodles of teenagers and people!

Loved my few days on the beach!

Tomorrow, I share visual stimulation at its finest....

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