Tuesday, September 10, 2013

View My Art Studio!

The AVA Gallery Hop was a HUGE success!  There was an estimated 2,000 people that ventured through our Chattanooga Workspace!  From 2-9pm on Saturday, our building was hopping!  People milling around everywhere!  All 'hoppers' seemed to be so intrigued by what is going on around here.  There was such a great vibe!

Because of this event, it forced me to straighten up my studio.  I am one of those that requires an incentive to clean.  So, in honor of my cleaning I will share the space with you!

This is what you see when you enter my door. Two big walls of natural light and windows that are fantastic!  

This is the brain center of the operation (argh argh).  Desk and area to eat!  Two components necessary to all businesses.

In keeping with my "maximalist" style....no cabinets are covered.  Most all "stuff" is open to see.

This is my sewing area....machine, ironing board, scraps of fabric, doodle board...etc.

Most all of the inventory of jewelry hangs here.

Now we begin the trek into the "stuff" side of the room.  Even in its most organized state, it looks massively junky and disorganized.  

This corner screams maximalist!

This side of the room also has the 'flea market' vibe going.  Lots of memorabilia, ephemera, antiques, stitching, banners, ribbons, Letterman's patches, clippings...you name it....it might be clipped to my daughter's baby bed springs mounted on the wall.   Everyone said this wall was like a trip down memory lane.  Exactly how I feel.

Right around the corner is my fabric stash and funky art and collectibles I love! Plus, a spinner of my art.

Now we have circled back to the epi center and out the door.

My studio....my space.....my little piece of heaven on earth!


queenostuff said...

Loved getting a glimpse of your fabulous studio Alexa. Very inspiring to be surrounded by all of your wonderful "accoutrements" I am sure, and having the incredible light/windows is just icing on the cake. So happy that you have found such great creative space!

Kit said...

I love it! Thanks for giving us a peek. Isn't it great to have a space just for creating? :) Kit

Debbie - StudioBeeCreations said...

LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the whole inspiring space!!!....you are so very luckyducky!...one day I will make a trip to see it all in person!...hoping you are well, sweet lady!
creative blessings, Debbie/StudioBeeCreations

JoyJunkQueen said...

So, "maximalist" style -- is that your term?? Or is a nice way to say "hoarder"?
Glad to know WE have a name.. :)

JoyJunkQueen said...

So, "maximalist" style -- is that your term?? Or is a nice way to say "hoarder"?
Glad to know WE have a name.. :)