Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vintage Boxes at Sweet Tea Fall Frenzy!

Today I found buried in a box in my attic was a box of vintage boxes.  Old tins, powder boxes, office supply tins.....

I have the Sweet Tea Fall Frenzy show coming up next weekend!  Oh what to do with them?

This series of vintage boxes are all individually filled with uber cool vintage goodness!

Besides the awesome trinkets inside...

the boxes are fab!

No two boxes are filled with the same baubles, but each are filled with some very cool things that can be used for projects....doo-dads to pin to an inspiration things to tie on a present....!  

The green tins held powder puffs.  There is even a slight scent of grandma.

These are a wee bit smaller but full of trinkets.

All of these, plus many more will be at Sweet Tea Fall Frenzy, September 20th & 21st!

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