Saturday, October 26, 2013

Country Living Fair With Cari Cucksey!

Today I attended the Country Living Fair in Atlanta, Georgia!  Beee-u-ti-ful DAY!

Lynne, my friend, went with me!  Within five minutes of entering the hallowed grounds I spotted one of my 'celebrity crushes'....Cari Cucksey of Repurpose!

Milled around amongst all her vintage goodness, chatted it up a bit with the Prima Donna of Estate Sales, jumped on a photo opportunity, and basically told my friend we could go home.

My joy here had been found.  But.....I did not.  

I have attended this event four times.  Each year it somehow gets better.  How is that possible?  The visual buffet is breath taking.  It will take me a while to organize the oodles of photos.....but, they are coming!  
Check back in....

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