Friday, October 25, 2013

Garage Sale Vintage Finds!

Today was the junking mother load!  My first stop was from a junkin' friend with "red alerts" to get to an estate sale ASAP!  I of course, responded ASAP!
Good stuff was found...will share that later.

But, below was the jewelry I found.
Let me set the stage.....

I was traveling with no intentions of attending another estate sale... and then a scream from the gods of junking called to me and shown down the light upon a simple 8"x10" card stock sign with the alluring written words "estate sale".  It was poorly written, kind of dripping down the page from a faux Sharpie pen.  It basically said, "amateur".

I followed the signs and pulled in to a small clean little white clapboard house.  Not much in the yard and a pick up truck had most of the merchandise laid out in the truck bed.  Three men were sitting in sack chairs in the driveway with a beer in their hands.  It was approximately 11:07am.  
(this translates to three amateurs)

As I walked up, one of the estate sale genius' asked, "we've got some stuff for you little lady, what are you looking for?"  I giggled appropriately and began to look at the minimal offerings. The truck bed was filled with youthful clothing and purses.  It was all brands from Target and Kohl's.  Nothing wrong with that, but the pricing was just under the original price and it was used.  On a card table schlepped off to the side was a box of jewelry.  Genius #1 said, "that is some of my grandmother's junk, you won't like any of that." Every item, pair of earrings, necklace, bracelet, etc. was in a Ziploc bag.  I inquired to the price of the bags and Genius #2 said, .25 a bag.  
(this translates to the amateurs had no idea what old grandma's stuff was worth)

I proceeded to cherry pick the Ziploc bags that were filled with vintage goodness and created a small pile.  Seen above were my favorites.  The embroidered runner they had physically placed a safety pin with a tag on it reading .10 and then put it in a Ziploc bag.  
(detecting my reasoning for amateur?  they have now spent more money on Ziploc bags and tags than the price of goods to their pricing)

Made my purchased, negotiated my price of $10 if I bought it all...he quickly agreed.  I was buying the junk.  He asked my why I didn't want the newer things on the truck.  My response:  over priced, it is all from Target and Kohl's has no value to me and I don't need it.  Genius #2 said, what should the junk you bought be priced?"  After I had paid for my goodies...I said:
a.  priced too high on the new goods
b.  your actual valuable merchandise, anything over 50 years old/+  is far more desirable and appealing.
c.  genius #3 says, "I can't believe that"
d.  you could have priced any of the items I purchased $3-5 each and I would have still bought it.  What does that tell you?

This is when Genius #1 responded with the smartest statement of the morning...
"we don't know what we are doing"
I agreed.

My response as I walked off.....have a great day guys!

The feeling was mutual!


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