Friday, January 10, 2014

False Teeth....Awesome Gift!

It is true...I have an odd fascination for false teeth, as seen here.  And...I also have a menagerie of odd friends...for this was their Christmas gift to me.  

These lovely friends....
     -Obviously read my blog, for I do not share openly/verbally some of my odd obsessions.  I leave that to the wildly, tiny world of the information highway.  
     -They are very thoughtful friends and sought the most obscure gift known to man.  They sacrificed their own selfish urges to keep such gifty-ness and share it with me.  
     -Plus, they possess the ultimate shopping skills.

What does one do when one receives such creepily awesome gifts such as these?  Beam with pride!  How does one express their gratitude?  To said odd friends....I THANK YOU from the bottom of my gums.

FYI:  red set is a wind up clacker set, the pink set is soap (argh, argh), the bottom set is some one's original mold of their teeth.  Love them!  Now, to the left of the three sets of false teeth is my new grille.

Little did the giver (Joy) know, I have always wanted to put on a rhinestone grille?  Yes...check, that is off my bucket list.  Below is my simpleton teeth....and next is my bedazzled set.  Yep.

There you have friends!  The best!

1 comment:

Kit said...

Amazing! I keep the molds from my crowns and display them at Halloween!...LOL Kit