Thursday, January 23, 2014

Salute the Flag with Scrappy Fabric!

My Honey and I are huge American Idol Fans!  We feel as if we are an extension of the all star judging panel.  We critique on a level that should not be allowed amongst the faint of heart.  We do not flinch to send anybody back home.  Our competency of musical analysis that ultimately sends a young aspiring talent home is not swayed by cute children, flashy outfits, seductive clothing, witty verbal banter or somber homelife stories….you must be a strong singer to go to Hollywood on our vote.  This has become a huge bonding experience for us….we sometimes disagree…and then it is blissful union on our united opinions.  Fun…just plain fun for two grown adults experiencing the empty nest syndrome. 

But in honor of our show ramping back up…I found myself making little flags out of lotto cards while serving my duties as a judge.  No clue what to do with them….but, I made three.   

It was fun!

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