Monday, January 20, 2014

The Perfect Slipper

I am the Huntress!  I have slain the dragon!  

After years of searching (two to be exact)…finding and buying terrible substitutions…and pretending to convince myself this was the one….I have found the quintessential, ultimate "slipper".  

Life is full of faux versions of what should be easy to make and find in its ultimate form…but, unfortunately there is no true replacement for 'perfect slippers'.  My search for fun, attractive,  sassy, colorful, comfortable, useable….and NOT old lady looking slippers, has been exhausting.  Yes, you can find the velour, fleece, Terri Cloth, mule styled 'step-ins'…some with a plastic sole and some not. I have regularly learned the life span of said "step-ins" is under 30 days, and once they run through the washing machine, the foam shifts to one side and you are eventually walking on fabric only. Plus, whatever slither of slipper style you may think you had with these make-shift imitations is totally a figment of your imagination when you look down your legs and your feet resemble blobs of smushed fabric balls that yearn to be in comfy, trend setting evening shoe wear. 

Finding slippers that encompass all things perfect is a journey.  My hope has always been to purchase slippers that provide comfort to your feet, style to your evening shoe wearing time and a pop of color at the end of your legs.  This unique shoe animal continues to stay elusive.  But, thanks to a promotional email, I could smell the prey rising to bite my wallet.  It was today the unseen, extinct 'impeccable slipper' reared its beautiful head.  It graced the shelves of N2 Shoes in Chattanooga, TN.  They (elusive slippers) smelled the scent of my cents.  I looked…I admired….I test drove….I purchased.  

The Huntress is wearing new evening kicks!

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