Friday, February 7, 2014

Vintage Coin Purses!

Vintage coin purses are a weakness.  My husband says it is directly associated with my need to have money.  I feel there could be some type of mental connection....but, I would only use my money to buy more coin purses....seems like an endless loop in the making.  Not sure how definitive this psychology analysis would hold up in the court of "cray cray".  But, this little pile came into my greedy little hands a couple of months ago.

*note:  I find cool stuff at estate sales and they make it into my studio, then I find them again a few months later when I clean up.  It is like I find it twice.  Fun!

I wish they could talk...tell a few tales...spin a couple of stories.  What fun would that be?

This was my favorite!  Obviously, this little purse attended the 1904 Worlds Fair.  Very cool!  

"As the purse is emptied, the head is filled."
-Victor Hugo

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