Saturday, February 8, 2014

Vintage Table Cloth Scarf!

Before we describe what I'm wearing...let us all take note of how I am glowing!  About 15 photos were made and every single one had this same result. I relocated to various places...different times of day...weirdo angles...and the scarf continued to glow.  

This could be why...

a.  too white....too much white color for camera (very technical camera speak)
b.  my photography skills stink
c.  my angelic effervescence is radiating via this scarf (argh)
d.  the giver of the scarf's angelic effervescence is radiating via this scarf (Joy)

Hmmm?  Mull an appropriate amount of

This was a Christmas gift from my junking gal pal, Joy, of United Gifts of Ringgold (one of my favorite junking haunts).  She created this little fashion accessory from a vintage crochet table cloth.  Obviously, many meals have been blessed over this cloth prior to my gift.  I loved it.

Great repurposing of a lovely item.

Thank you Joy!

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Kit said...

So lovely! And such a clever idea. :) Kit