Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mixed Media Collage with Building Blocks!

As many of you have read...I buy junk and stuff year round, but never get to it for months to come.  This little work is no different.  I found a box of primary colored building blocks at a church yard sale.  The blocks even have the books of the Bible sharpies on the side.  So, you know these little chunks of wood did good early on in life.  I've kept them for about a year...and suddenly a purpose surfaced....

Mixed media collage!  It has taken about three days, but, I have finished two of them.  This was the first.  Very folky I think!

Note the books of the Bible on the side of the block.

It kind has the maximalist feel most everything I do seems to have....junky...stuff....layers....old....

and it all starts with building blocks!

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