Monday, March 3, 2014

Autograph Quilt!

I love these type quilt tops.  From what I have read...a group of friends would build a quilt together... determine a quilt block (in this case a nine patch) and each would create their block and embroider their signature in the middle.  The best part is looking at the script and more importantly, reading the names.  

What about this name....Chrystalia Byrd?

Love me some Goldie!

Of course, Daisy will always be a soft spot for me.


I am inclined to think this top may of been made in 1931!

And this name was my favorite...Birdie Cherry!

As a quilt whole, I can't say it is the most beautiful one visually, but the names are more than pretty.  They are memorable...interesting...unique...and there is something cozy about them to me.  They are warm and grandmotherly.  

Enjoy the early creatives!

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