Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Artists In Cellophane!

I have had the great honor of being one of the artists in the "Artists in Cellophane" project. They are celebrating their 10th Anniversary this year and I have experienced an incredible artistic endeavor with their help. You must go to their site and read the wonderful beginnings of this adventure, view the outstanding retro art/former cigarette machines, and peep in on the the creative contributions from the list of artists. My fun little domino necklaces were chosen to be a part of the project. I applied a small piece of paper with my email address on each piece submitted encouraging anyone who purchased one of my necklaces to please let me know where it landed. The most interesting folks have now become a part of my email community. One of my domino's ended up in Alaska. Who would have thunk it? The machines are located all over the United States. Try to find one in your community...it is worth the $5. To learn more about it, go to: www.artomat.org

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