Monday, December 17, 2007


Right in what I consider the middle of holiday preparation...studying for exams...winding down the many tasks for the daughter is required to build an example of the solar system. I personally go into panic mode, knowing it will take both of us three, possibly four evenings to complete. So, with list in hand, we stop at the local craft store, she makes her necessary purchases and off home to begin the building of the galaxy. After a snack, swim practice, watching a little TV, having the evening meal and some various other studying, she begins to build the universe. Knowing it is time for me to keep my opinions and help at a distance, keep doing my tasks around the house in hopes my contribution will be minimal. Within approximately an hour and one half, she emerges from the basement with the above model. I did nothing. There were no consults, advice given, color suggestions, or engineering influences on my part. She built the solar system all on her own. I was shocked....thrilled....and quite proud of her efforts. The craftsy gene has begin to flourish. She doesn't need Mom to help make it perfect, she can do quite well on her own. So, to all you Moms....there does come a time when you are no longer needed in the school project building quote a "master crafter"...."this is a good thing".

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