Wednesday, January 9, 2008

52 Uses For Old Stuff - Number 1

My "52 Idea Craft-Down" has already it is time for the "52 Uses for Old Stuff" Count Up! It will begin today!

Oh, the aluminum......

I LOVE hammered aluminum! I've been collecting it for years. The detailed, delicate ornamentation to such a simple metal is my favorite. The number of patterns, shapes, sizes and styles of this medium is endless. I must have 75 +/- pieces, and I don't think one piece is the same pattern as any other. I am a little phobic about using it, because of the metal content, and all the horror stories I've heard over the years, but I still think it is beautiful to enjoy its aesthetic value. Imagine the work put into the original pieces that were forged by hand. Up until this very Christmas, I have only found platters, bowls, napkin holders, pitchers and a variety of serving pieces....but, my sweetie purchased a very unusual gift for me...a hammered aluminum purse! It is fantastic! The moment I can attend some party...event...or special occasion, I will be accessorized with this wonderful lipstick and cell phone holder. I can't wait to wear it. But, until then, what can I do with such a unique piece of aluminum? I've decided to display vintage hand towels in my guest bath. If you have never seen an hammered aluminum is your chance. Enjoy the unusual...and use it!

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