Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Art!

Our downtown has opened the most warm and charming bookstore...
Rockpoint Books! It is casually decorated with comfy antique chairs, church pews, funky benches and quiet corners. It is not as big as BOM or B&N, but, equally just as wonderful. It is filled with the best sellers and lots of classics. You can look from any angle and see various kinds of art by local artists. Numerous events happen throughout each month: scrabble night, book clubs, southern authors book signings, poetry readings and lots of children oriented activities. This store reminds me of the movie with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks (can't think of the name of it...but, she had a local bookstore and he moved in the big box store around the corner...ultimately put her out of business). Rockpoint oozes coziness and familiarity...not to mention a coffee bar is located in the back. Anyway.... I was thrilled to have the opportunity to display my art amongst its cozy walls. Here is a few photos of some of my new work, and one of the walls in the store. I sure hope the box stores stay far away from this quaint little retail establishment.

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