Monday, January 7, 2008

Craft-Down Number 52!

The Craft-Down has begun!
Craft-Down (kraft' dahn) noun, - is a crafting/artistic project that is basically very easy and simple to make, yet economical and fun to do. Can be given as a gift, sold as a retail or wholesale item or kept for your own personal pleasure. A different project will be posted weekly to create a 52 item list of fun projects.
Craft-Down Number 52: Hanging Hip!

Tools Needed:
wooden hanger (can be gotten at the "dollar" type stores, yardsales, already in your closet, with a
paint (can use any type of paint, I prefer spray paint because it is faster)
paper images (I cut mine out of a children's catalog)
decoupage medium (Modge Podge, Elmer's glue and water mixture (use equal parts of each)
paint brush needed to apply the paper images to the hanger
acrylic sealant type spray (get at hardware or craft type stores)
decorative ribbon (completely optional, just a little more garnish

Step 1: get/purchase/find a wooden hanger

Step 2: spray paint any color you like, let dry
Step 3: cut out cute/fun images to reflect the recipient of the hanger
Step 4: decoupage (glue) the images on to the hanger, let dry
Step 5: spary a protective sealant on the wooden hanger
Step 6: add decorative bow
Step 7: give to friend, hang in your closet...too cute!

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