Friday, February 8, 2008

Scrap Of Paper

Even I, the one who would not be described as a delicate, soft, dainty, Southern Belle...but, better described as a sturdy, creative, Southern farm girl has a softer side. One that does not involve dark dingy, paint chipped and weathered art...but, one with nice genteel colors of sky blue and passion pink. This all came together with a little scrap of paper on a receipt dated May 22, 1908, written with a quil pen to: Mrs. Darlington.

Can you imagine your name being Darlington? It would automatically make me feel more graceful and mannerly. The name itself does not sound like one associated with a woman wearing
chinos and a denim jacket. It brings soft presence before you ever see who
it is attached. Mrs. Darlington probably held this little scrap of paper...removed her pearl white gloves, reviewed her bill, and paid it in cash or the trade of beautiful chicken eggs. She paints an image of tranquility in my mind.

Funny how that works....preconceived notions about names...and how the person will be...look...act...sound. Creating art with artifacts of the past do the same thing...make you assume history that you have no foundation to create. If only that little scrap of paper could tell the real story.


Tara said...

Isn't this beuatiful..and you bring Mrs. Darlington to life again in your artwork! Lovely!

Zee said...

and..I like the way people, that time, used to beautiful..

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

So pretty...I too, did some tags today in the soft pastel colors of Spring though combined with Spring's happy colors such as hot pink and bunting blue. I am having so much fun right now creating. Who has time to do the laundry? :)