Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Is Better To Me!

OK, experiencing a little "maximalist" - ism. I was waiting on my daughter at swim practice...I sat in the car watching a soccer game (not my favorite) and kept sewing stuff on to the picture. Obviously, a sign of pure boredom. It became a plethora of doo-dads and stuff. My first opinion was "stop"....then I continued to look at it...and I liked all the junk. I love the little, teeny, tiny frozen Charlotte with the broken arm. As someone who is a creature of "more is better", I often want to debate, "have I gone too far?" Oddly enough....I NEVER remove anything. More is ALWAYS better to me.


scrapwordsmom said...

My daughter loves more, too!! Sometimes when I'm working on a page I'll look at it and think it does need more. I'm not so good at it though. When I do add more it is usually words.

Anonymous said...

My brother was fond of saying, "more is never enough"! And I believe the "more" to your art is quite satisfying! You are always inspiring!

Happy Day, Julie B.