Saturday, February 20, 2010

Journaling My Way!

"Either write something worth reading 
or do something worth writing."
-Ben Franklin

I'm not a journal-er, no keeping of my daily thoughts and actions....but, I love to keep quotes, addresses and notes on people I meet.  I have many, many journals of such information.  I like to encourage my daughter to keep such data for it is quite a stitch to go back and read.

I have actually looked at a name....pondered...and had no recollection of this person. But, upon reading my notes..."tall blonde, great personality, had on a handmade striped scarf, easy to talk to, has two children ages 6 and 9, really enjoys knitting" I knew exactly who she was.  Many people stick names to people for memory....I stick facts and traits.  How do you remember people?

The above mini journals I made for an art class as the attendee party favors.  
I encouraged my flavor of journaling.


donna!ee said...

what a sparkle of clever! thanks you much ... ;)

scrapwordsmom said...

Just wonderful!

Joann Loftus said...

Such cute, little journals!

Tara said...

cute and adorable--of course!