Monday, September 29, 2008

I Think I'm No. 2!

Well, this piece of art I made about two years ago clearly expresses the state of my body at present. VINTAGE! What I felt about myself growing old with minimal fight...willing to be more attentive to my aging body with proper food, nutrition and exercise...what I thought to be a typical, but sensible approach to aging....has now all been blown out the back door with this cracked up foot. I have truly walked approximately 48 steps in the past 24 hours. I have never said this in my life...but, my dogs are talking...and it needs to be censored! Every thought is pre-empted by "my feet hurt". This has got to stop. I will not go down with sensible shoes...orthopedic SAS...every outfit being adorned with New Balance running shoes...crutches with duct taped padded shoulder pads...only pants worn that can be pulled up over my Herman Munster boot....and making friends with total strangers that are 65 years or older and always say, "the foot is going to hurt the rest of your glad you made it this long with no injuries." This has got to stop. I am not vintage...broken...old...and wounded. I have had a temporary glitch that has minimized my mobility. The pain in my feet is to remind me to appreciate the torture I put them through. This unfortunate hiccup is to remind everyone..."no man is an island". I currently need people who love me enough to endure my whining, and don't mind getting me a glass of water which happens to be two floors away and this person just nestled into bed to call it a night. All of this aggravation is only here to broaden my ability to appreciate the true definition of vintage... vintage: adj. 1. Of or relating to a vintage, for instance wine. 2. Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal; classic. Having endured the test of time. 3. Old or outmoded.
I think I'm No. 2....or maybe No. 3.?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pilgrimage Artisans!

One more visit down pilgrimage lane...with a couple of my favorite artists found at the Country Living Fair. Below is the work of Kitty Babendreiera. Fantastic little vintage shadow box vignettes. I purchased this black and white version as a little treat for my, oh my was he excited! And this little cutie was for my Mom-To-Be friend. She is my artistic friend that can appreciate my affection for the less typical in gift-giving presents. Now this is a necklace that will roll heads....(did you hear the snare drum and cymbal crash?) This lady makes unique and clever jewelry...Dara DiMagno! She was a delightful woman, teaches school by day...and obviously, makes fantastic baubles by night. My PP and I each had to have a 'head' necklace. The hat on the head is a salt-n-pepper top (clever?). It was just so funky and different....oh, above her head it says, "last word"...hmmmm. All of this fantastic art was found at the Earth, Angels, Toys booth. They also have a terrific website....give it a look...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pilgrimage Junk!

"Junk is not, like alcohol or weed,
a means to increased enjoyment of life.
Junk is not a kick. It is a way of life."
-William Burroughs
Below are a few photos of the many treasures found during the annual pilgrimage! As you know..I am a freak for "smalls" in the junking industry. I love quirky, tiny things that make my heart sing!
Vintage cake decorating doo-dads! FYI: I never make cake.

Fabulous bookend! Some of many 50's-ish jewelry....look now, for it will be something else very soon!

A hodge podge of junk!

Yes, a vintage pepper ancient plastic babble head...and a rubbery Spanish doll.

Absolutely...there is no rhyme or reason for these three items.

Fabulous butter yellow chair my pilgrimage partner (PP) found!

Yet another terrific purchase from my (PP). Vintage department store electric candles!!!...and they work! Outstanding paper, stationery, flash cards, games, labels....

A duck tea set!

Four lovely berry bowls...mega pile of plastic thimbles...vintage corsage pins...children's silverware! Just a little peek into the goodies!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pilgrimage Day 2!

At the top of last week, I was all about the "Country Living Fair", with more fun stuff we saw along the pilgrimage to be shared the next day. Let's rewind a bit to completely understand the following photo.... Rewind: Two weeks prior to my pilgrimage, I went hiking with the family. What was intended to be a simple one mile hike to see a beautiful waterfall, became the fantastic voyage to the core of the earth. Approximately 10 miles later...22 crossings of the river up to my knees...and I was in extreme physical melt down. FYI: I NEVER HIKE! This was just supposed to be a fun thing to do. I finally reached my car and vowed to NEVER...EVER....HIKE again. The next day my body was done. I assumed all pain would eventually subside. Although, the foot pain did not. But, just as a Postman takes the oath to deliver under any condition....a Junker too, takes the oath to gather under any conditions. So, the foot provided much pain, whining, aggravation, and sometimes led to me wheeling around in an antique mall, as seen below. Last Thursday was the final straw that broke the antique tea cup. I went to the doctor. I have a fractured bone and torn ligaments in my heel and foot. I now look like this...and must walk with crutches. Needless to say, I have brought "high maintenance" to a new level! My lack of mobility has pretty much sent everything spiraling out of control. Today, is the first day to finally get it all back together. Whew! So, back to the to Amish Country in Berlin, Ohio. Below is the infamous Heini's Cheese Factory.
This is the awesome Antique Mall that brought mucho pleasure, depleting funds and junk enhancements! We arrived at the 9am opening....left at 1:30pm. Never stopping for lunch. Imagine....four and a half hours aimlessly walking through scads of fantastic antique stuff! It can be done....and it can be done on a wounded foot. This is a sight I rarely get to see...but, found it quite charming. This is the longest covered bridge in the United States. I did NOT walk it. Many beautiful apple orchards dotted our path. Yum!!!
This was the guard dog at the orchard.
When I saw these three cuties, it reminded me of a friend I have. She too, has three little chicks with number four on the way.
As a former farmer's daughter that raised tobacco for years, this barn brought back many fond memories. This humon-goid spinning wheel was in a craft room on the second floor of an antique mall. They taught traditional spinning and sewing techniques. Quite cool. Well, this is yet one more day of my pilgrimage. Tomorrow is photos of the great junk!!!! Beware.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Country Living Fair!

The Country Living Fair lived up to its reputation! My friend and I promptly arrived at the "early bird" arrival time...9am, and anxiously awaited our moment to step on to the hallowed grounds. This day was unfortunately dreary...rainy...sometimes outright pouring (remnants of Ike)...but, we came prepared with mud boots and rain jackets. Inclement weather would not deter our need to take in the world's most beautiful fair. The weather was somewhat difficult to deal was raining...but, the temperature was 97 degrees. Thus, the wonderful rain jacket that keeps you nice and dry...also, kept you nice and toasty. It was like you were walking around viewing all this loveliness in a microwave oven set on medium heat for three hours and seventeen minutes. I think I may have lost weight in my jacket....but, was quickly replaced with homemade cherry cobbler! The food vendors were awesome! FYI: even though my body temperature was screaming "get me out of this plastic, non-breathing shield of crunchiness....I didn't seem to care. The day was fantastic! The visual of pumpkins...gourds...mums...hay...cornstalks...was everywhere. No little area of emptiness was not adorned with fall eye candy. The festival is in the middle of an Ohio Historic Village.
Each booth was created like a miniature outdoor store yearning YOU to stop and see what they had to offer. Take note: I did not have enough money to suppress my need to purchase!
The Fall vignettes were outstanding. I have not seen a pumpkin in my area of the states at all....but, Ohio must have placed their order ages ago. Everything was at the fair!
This picture brings me to say, "even the most plain...full of purpose, totally utilitarian item can be embellished to make walking up to its claustrophobic doors a pleasure. Yes, the Port-O-Potties were attractive. Beautiful painted landscapes made each tiny 3" x 3" building worth giving a visit.
More beautiful gourds and landscape. This tiered container had itty-bitty gourds in it. I've never seen them this tiny!
We have all been to flea markets...fairs...festivals...but, this one was above the norm. Every vendor had such pride and display about their wares. Creating visuals with their merchandise was visible throughout.
One of my favorite booths was the European enamelware. It looked like piles of bowl-ish Easter eggs. Piles of all size bowls and pots. Truly yummy to see.
This was the cutest little Winnebago styled lemonade cart. Notice the lovely arrangement on the corner...the skirting around the base....and all the cute garnish. Fabulous!
Enough for today....more is coming about the junking pilgrimage.....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

"L" is for...

Found this great "L" in an antique mall a few years ago....I LOVE IT!
"L" is for Lett.

Your Place In The Sun!

There is nothing like finding your place in the sun!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Only $2.39!

Found this terrific ticket bowl at a thrift store a few weeks ago
....only $2.39!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tags, Tags, Tags!

"Sometimes whats on the outside...
can be more interesting than whats on the inside."

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This little clay figure was formerly a character in an animated film my daughter created in elementary school. I think the art teacher made this is of the Headmaster of her school. It was later sold at a school auction and I was the buyer. I think she is adorable and I just love her collagen lips! Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Road TRIP!

Today I leave for my annual junking pilgrimage with one of my best friends.We are headed north...away from any form of a hurricane. With a year's of anticipation we will be attending the "Country Living Fair" in Columbus, OH, and going up to the Amish country. Yippee! I can't wait to share the sights with you upon my return. So for the next few days some happy photos will be appearing...enjoy the sight and look forward to what is coming!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Had To Share!

Passing on the torch.... As a parent, you hope that something about YOU will surface in your offspring (only the good of course). Well, one of my wants would be to pass on the ability to sit at a table with a bunch of arts and crafts supplies and get totally lost in what you are doing. Just be able to be with yourself and your creative spirit not driven by rules and instructions. Never look at the clock and only wonder where the time went. Ta-dah....I think the gene has been shared. Not too long ago, my daughter spent the afternoon in our basement making little clay puppies. Below is the outcome. She had no pattern, no guidance (I wasn't even around) and no rules...just raw creativity forming into cook able clay. The end result of her creative spirit made this adorable little "mop" type dog. I LOVED IT! Just had to share.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Crafty Carriers!

Just discovered this new blog...quite charming....and they are having a GIVEAWAY! Just read and comment to enter...not too hard for what looks like a great little crafty carrier filled with great crafty goodies! Go visit: Vintage Cate! I've shown this before...but, since we are all registering for the new fan-dangled crafty carrier...I thought I would re-visit my homespun version. Yes, this was formerly an old aluminum lunch box. It is a perfect size!
Since things tend to wiggle around while dangling off your hand...a cloth lining was in order. I wanted something inexpensive...yet cute and re-purposed. So...while doing some thrifting I found this adorable "June Cleaver" type cotton red and white polka dot dress for a whopping seventy-five cents...purchased it.
Notice the red lining in the lunch box....
This is its former life....
Plus, I could possibly line approximately 27 more lunch boxes. Great buy...and great re-use! Pop in and register: