Monday, January 30, 2012

Trinket Necklace!

"Sensory pleasures are
trinkets, trivialities."
-Sri Sathya Sai Baba 

Needed to unload the boxes of doo-dads that seem to be collecting around my studio.  There is so much stuff....ahhhhhhh!

Make it neck garnish!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

100 Proof Press Stamps!

My little friend wanted to share a little Valentine love with some fellow artsy type friends.  I am a HUGE fan of....gifting is not about the price as much as it is about the thought.  And, this being the year of all gifts begin handmade....this was perfect!

We went to one of the "Everything is a Dollar" type stores, purchased a couple of packs of the big pink erasers.  Kind of an old supply.  I love the smell the texture the pleasure of using one of these big erasers for the first time.  Nothing better.

Then we went to my handy-dandy stash of 100 Proof Press Stamps and picked one of my personal favorites, the Artist Supply Cup, #1970-R.  Love it!

We used permanent black ink and colored in the heart with a red Sharpie!
Too cute!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

If Thine Enemy Wrong Thee.....

Absolutely LOVE this quote....

"If thine enemy wrong thee,
buy each of his children a drum."

Monday, January 23, 2012

New Year....New Card Journal!

One of my many organization flaws begins with business cards.  Every creative event...purchase of handmade....or meeting of a fellow artisan, I collect their business card or some form of future contact.  These business cards, scraps of paper, receipts, brochures begin to stack up.  For many years I threw them in a box...not good.  Upon entry into the box....I never could find anything.  It became just a box of paper.  Useless.

So, I tried something new.  A simple little blank journal (I just made one with my combine machine) became the new form of organization.  

The book filled and filled and filled.  Now, it has no more space.

The best worked!  I simply staple any form of communication on a page, pen a little note of reference if need be, date and point of contact.  

No deep rooted forms of organization...old school stapler and pen.

New journal.  

Saw this photo of the "Aunt Bea-ish" type lady and loved it.

She goes with me everywhere....always organized.

Many blank pages to fill for 2012....can't wait.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Epicenter of Creativity--Tinsel Trading Co.

After years of drooling over magazine photographs, visiting their website in a much stalking way and knowing everyone I respect in the creative industry finds Tinsel Trading the mecca of all things ribbon....I too, have now officially drooled, touched and swooned over one of the most beautiful stores in the world.

Yes, the store window was more beautiful than I had envisioned.  

There was an area in the back that had a table with old boxes of beads, bedazzlements and fishbowls filled confetti type garnish.  Just grab a bag and get a scoop!

But, truly the best part of the store was simple the abundance of ribbon.  Every shape, color, type, texture and age was there for the viewing.  Beautifully arranged by color and and displayed in and on vintage shelving and storage.

Bins of stuff!

Plus, there were walls of miscellaneous adornments.  Buttons, felt, leaves....way to much to list or consume.  You just have to sit and ponder.

Loved the display of old wooden spools everywhere!

More ribbon than you can imagine.

This type of store makes you want to sell all worldly possessions, purchase the store and hope you will live long enough to create as much as your head begins to spin out ideas.  
It IS the epicenter of creativity!

Yes, one more check off the old creative bucket list.
I have been to Tinsel Trading!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

E-Reader or Book?

I love technology!  Now, that has been said....I love books!
I have collected these books to read for the next few months.  My Father-in-law always gives me a gift card to a bookstore for Christmas and it is one of my favorite gifts to go and redeem.  There is nothing more pleasing than to curl up in a chair and read a great book.  Of course, my taste in books is not always on the best sellers list, nor would any literature/English teacher find what I read too profound....but, within the confines of my brain I now choose my own list of favorites and find them outstanding!  With this in mind, it is always fun to share good finds with, here is the library list of choice for the next few months....with my reading reasoning....

1.  "You Don't Sweat Much" by Celia Rivenbark -  she is one of my very favorite writers.  Lives in North Carolina and has a newspaper column.  Her writing is one of the very few reads that has made me cry with laughter.  Her sarcasm and dry wit are outstanding.  She writes what we wish we all could say.  Highly recommend any of her books to put a cackling laugh out loud, knee slapping grin on your face.

2.  "How To Sell Your Crafts Online" by Derrick Sutton - I have not read it...just perused.  But the style of the sales are all directed to succeeding on Etsy.  It seems to have an "Etsy for Dummies" flavor to it.  Can't wait to read and apply.

3.  "The Mom's Guide To Running A Business" by Michelle Lee Ribeiro - I'm about half way through it.  This book just provides good sound inspiration.  Most all featured entrepreneurs are moms and somehow juggle children, family and their business.  Nice to read their ideas on how to do it.  Plus, the children have inserted their opinion as well.  Interesting.

4.  "Linen Wool Cotton" by Akiko Mano - This is 25 simple projects to sew with natural fabrics.  Have not tried anything, but one of my goals this year is to sew a wee bit....we'll see how that goes.

5.  "I Am Cute Dresses" by Sato Watanabe - yes, another sewing type book, but these style dresses I never see in a store, so I for some reason, think I can make it myself.  Once again,  we'll see.

6.  "Suck Your Stomach In and Put Some Color On!" by Shellie Rushing Tomlinson -  A friend suggested this book to me.  I think it is a humorous view point of southern living and style.  It appears that it might be a life guide of some type.  I feel massive amounts of humor will be involved.  Can't wait.

7.  "Design It Yourself Clothes" by Cal Patch -  reference #4 and #5 above, yet I've gone on to believe once I've mastered the art of making their dresses...I will pattern my own.  I feel this could be a stretch from every possible angle on my part.  Here's to hoping!

8.  "Where Women Create Book of Inspiration" by Jo Packham  & Jenny Doh - another great book to see how creative people live and their work spaces.  I have only just begun, but every page is visually delightful.  This will be a slow read...on purpose.

9.  "Signature Styles"by Jenny Doh - a book about 20 creative stitching people.  Beautiful!  Kindred spirits is all I can say.


Now my opinion of books vs. e-readers:  I truly love both...

Pro Books:  texture, smell, color, size, mobility, success is seen and more tangible for the writer
Con Books:  none

Pro Reader:  convenience, size, access to unlimited books, super cool piece of technology
Con Reader:  battery dies, you are subject to finding power at the most inopportune time, nothing worse than climbing in the bowels of some gym to curl up on the floor to finish the last two chapters of a book while sitting in four day old popcorn and candy wrappers at a power source

**This whole page of words are mine.  No opinions are sponsored by anybody.  It's all good.  Just sharing.

Advice:  enjoy reading!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Table Cloth Window Treatments!

Since the dust bunnies were building a zip line in my windows and blinds, I decided to clean it all out.  Dusted, washed, cleaned, etc.  Yuck!  

I'm not a huge fan of anything that falls under the heading of "window treatment".  Those two words sound so formal for my personality.  So, I just cleaned and pressed three table cloths and hung them on dowels over my breakfast windows.  Plus, all I have to do is pull the blinds up under the cloths and I'm sitting in a tree house.   

Once again, my personal affection for this is quite simple....nothing matches!
Simple Window Treatments!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Perseverance and Audacity!

"Perseverance and audacity generally win."
-Dorothee DeLuzy

If I had to wear that type of dress...I think my personal perseverance and audacity would be at an all time low...resulting in loss.  These gals were tougher than me.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Free-Styling Embroidery!

Just doing some free styling embroidery.  The pages were very old and brittle not necessarily the best for embroidery, but I loved the color.  My experiment began with the thread.  I found this spool of yarn/thread/whatever you call it at an estate sale for .25.  Loved the colors and the texture.

The thread was somewhat too thick for the fragile paper, but I forged through anyway.  

It ended up kind of interesting.  Now what do you do with it?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Excellence in Simplicity!

"In character, in manner, in style, in all things, 
the supreme excellence is simplicity."
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Obviously a space dedicated to the beauty of for viewing from two sides.  But, this display stopped me in my tracks.  From across the street I saw colorful objects beautifully hanging behind a window, but upon closer was paper cups!
Who would have thunk it?

I am always amazed at how simple objects uniquely decorated hanging erratically create such beauty.  Simplicity is excellence!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Channeling Eleanor!

Art has been flowing!  Only problem I have about 15 things in mid completion...ahhhh!  
I loved the colors of this one....most certainly the aging of the dictionary the yellow.  
Not to mention the quote.....
Love me some Eleanor!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Antique Archaeology Nashville

Yes, I finally got to visit the Nashville location of one of my favorite shows "American Pickers"!
My best-est took me there over the holidays and...
it was like walking into several episodes of the show.
Really cool "picks", as they say, and many I had seen on television.
These are just a few shots of the finds.

I think I remember this bicycle find.

Absolutely loved this folkey type sign!

 I so wanted one of these carnival game thing-ies!

I vividly remember this episode.  

Who could forget?

Of course, any Mike and Frank establishment must include a few gear head items.

After much perusing, I made a few purchases.  It was then I had the good fortune of meeting Dustie.  Cute little chick working at the store and wearing the cutest bracelet.  I commented on it....and guess what?  She makes them.  Placed my order right at that moment.  She has an etsy store here.

I apologize for the dark photo...but, found it hard to lighten up (the sun was not cooperating).  The bracelet has a dark brown leather band with a chippy black painted metal key hole.  Awesome.

The bracelet was fastened by an elastic black band that you wound around an old mini skeleton key.  More awesome.

I think the more I wear it...the more worn it will be. I constantly get compliments!
Love it!

Here's to Mike, Frank and Dustie!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

100 Proof Press Stamps!

Trying to organize the new year with elements of gratitude.  New Year Resolutions include thanking people with handmade.

My first installment is this little bookmark!

Staying true to my mixed media, whatever style I used a 100 Proof Press stamp, on a playing card, sewn to a bingo card and stitched a hanging tag and added rick rack.  So, simple...yet unique.

Just below this cut glass pitcher stamp I added a button and a handwritten sentiment.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Bumper Stickers!

If you left comments don't forget to email me your mailing address!  So, far the winners are:
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3 more winners available!
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New Year.....New Stuff!

Being the Hunter and Gatherer that I search for a fun, brainless, yet descriptive assessment of who I am and what my car does has been fruitless for years.  So, with the ease of a few pecks on the keyboard my bumper stickers were created.  Below is now what accessorizes my car!

Should you want one for yourself...they are available here.

This is what I'm talkin' about!

First ten people that comment will get there 
choice of either bumper sticker for FREE!
Just email me your mailing address and it is yours!

May your new year be filled with good junking!