Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rabbits Do Multiply!

Dropped off a project (which we will talk about later) with a fellow artisan and met her at her car.  Now, keep in mind I had no idea what her car looked like.  She told me what parking lot in which she was parked...and I knew she raised rabbit.  Hmmm?

Found it....quite quickly.

Her back window had the little stick figure family decals and then a heard of rabbits followed.  Of course I had to ask...really?  Do you have that many?

Answer:  Yes, this was, and still is occasionally true.  It does fluctuate because of adoptive families that add a rabbit, but for the most part this number is true.

I found this absolutely adorable!  Rabbits do multiply!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Opposites Do Attract!

Found this little box of love at an estate sale recently.  The tin oblong navy blue box called to me.  No exterior label or any glimpse of what might be inside.

Surprise! The box was formerly a "gun cleaning kit" with tools of the trade and instructions for performing such tasks....yet, it now was the home of a lovely little stash of wood spooled multi-colored thread!  

My question lies in:  At what point did the previous owner discover that a gun cleaning kit box could be the home for thread?  Who knew? 

It is true, opposites do attract!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fabric, Fabric and Fabric....

In my effort to build my new studio, I am finding stuff I haven't seen in years!  The fabric is surfacing from each and every box.  My many stops at a thrift store, or the ultimate fabric haven, a quilt store, my stash is growing.  I believe some of the fabrics I have collected have become vintage during the time purchased and now seen.

Current fabric goal:

Get it all where I can see it at one time!

It will soon be here.....the studio.  Can't wait to share the end result.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Cross-Stitch Design

Working on a little project that hopefully will become a big project.  I want to create a cross-stitch pattern to apply to my studio wall.  Calculating...sketching....coloring... was new to me.  Still trying to decide if it is tooooooo big and difficult to put on a wall....might have to actually make something with it, though.  I loved the merging of the colors!  We will see!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Embarrassed Boston Terrier

I have been very caught up in moving...spending more time away from home than my furry daughter feels I should....and upon coming home last night this is where I found her.

This is my coffee table in the basement "men den".  For some unknown reason she was standing on the table when I found her.  There is something in that face that reads "uh-oh....Mom's home and I'm standing on the table".  The bowl contains Reece's Cups and the TV was not on...hmmm?
Once she saw me, she just stood there frozen.  We had a stare-off for a short time; and of course, I giggled first.  The ears went down, her nub started wagging and oodles of snorting began.  

We both knew all was well. I am such a sucker for that little face.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chattanooga Workspace, I'm Coming!

The past few days have been filled with packing and packing!  My studio has been in a small room in my basement....approximately 8'x10' in size.  I somehow have crammed about 50 boxes of stuff and more stuff in this small, there is furniture (not shown in this picture).

The emptiness is alarming.

I have found enough miscellaneous junk to open another antique booth.

I feel I have found a new path.  I have never seen a reality show...or request in the paper....or had anyone ask me if I knew someone like this, but, I think I could be an
 "Inverted Mover".

Inverted Mover:  someone that can take an alarming amount of stuff and pack it into a room; someone capable of cramming an inordinate amount of junk into the teeniest of crevices, this skill will support the owner and they can continue hoarding at an alarming pace; skilled at packing, but not relocating it.

Yes, the boxes continue to multiply.


Signing off until the movers arrive at 8am....

-the Inverted Mover

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Globe!

I am a freak for vintage globes!  The memory of getting one from Santa Claus is very vivid in my head. I would look up locales all the time, and sometimes spin that baby until I thought it would start sparking and lift off.  I still have that is a principle piece of my globe collection.  

But, I will have to say this globe definitely caught my eye.  The wood base built to support the globe had a storage sleeve for a paper copy of a World Atlas.  It was beautiful!  I so wanted it, but this little jewel had quite a hefty price.  The book was published in 1957.  

There are times you mull on something so long, you talk yourself out of it.  I feel I did this regarding the globe.  I so wish I would have purchased it.  A globe with combo atlas....what more do you want in geographical information? 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Record Player!

In my boxing, digging, packing, straightening, throwing, keeping....
this little jewel surfaced.  I asked my daughter if she knew what this photo was...

Her response:
"it's one of the thingy's that plays records...I think...but, the middle is too fat...and what does the arm do?"

My response:
"you obviously have not needed to play two 45's of "ABC, 123" by Michael Jackson and "Puppy Love" by Donny Osmond quickly...back to back...without reloading the record player thingy"

Aging gracefully is becoming quite ungraceful.