Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

"Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story!"
-Mason Cooley
Happy Halloween!
Yes, in case you didn't recognize the little ghoul above...
our precious little flower, Daisy,
is going incognito this year as a Hot Dog!
An aerial view of mustard on the hot dog! A hot dog at full attention! Have a ghouling good evening!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

This Is Not A Dress Rehearsal

I found a box of paper doll dresses the other day....they made my heart go pitty pat! It brought back fond memories of childhood....which was quickly replaced with 'my oh my, this has become a dinosaur act of playing now days'. The gift of a new booklet of paper dolls at pertinent gift giving occasions was always welcome. I thoroughly loved cutting out the various patterned jumpers and dresses...and upon reflection, I think that is all I did. Preparing the dresses for the imitation doll house closet was more fun than simulating fake paper doll families. I loved the itty bitty paper accessories...odd shaped hats...purses...corsages...and stuffed animals, and the over the top mixtures of colors and patterns are still my favorite. So...FYI: much art may be featuring paper doll dresses in the future. Below is the first installment. The quote is one of my favorites!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Than A Bookend!

Have you ever noticed how many accordions surface in antique/junk stores? Hundreds. Their beauty is displayed on various mahogany made delicate furniture along with doilies and hand painted porcelain plates and vases like a bookend or knick knack of some sort. They are beautifully made instruments of some type of 'mother of pearlish' type material...usually a unique vibrant color...and generally, they are completely in tact (which I feel is from under use)...and they always have a sign on them that reads: DO NOT TOUCH OR PLAY, VERY FRAGILE $475 Now I think the accordion sellers of the world have got to loosen up a bit. How many people have ever bought any type of something that made music (i.e. instrument, radio, stereo, jam box) and they didn't want to give it a test drive? Maybe if the accordion sellers of the world let the John Q. Publics pump the darn thing...fill a retail establishment with their very unique husky and organy sound...we all might begin to relish the thought of playing...and more importantly owning an accordion. When someone plays an accordion...we all know it's an accordion. No one stammers and says, "oh I know what that is...hmmmm, it's in the wind family....they play it at carnivals with little monkeys doing's worn like a backpack, but on the front"....NO, when you hear the unique sound of an say, "WHO'S PLAYING THE ACCORDION?" Accordion musicians must be very few and far between. In fact, the only time I've ever heard one myself was at a Carnival, and coincidentally a monkey was jumping around next to the owner. We have got to stand up for the preservation of the accordion. I think they are beautiful....completely under appreciated....musically unique and more than a bookend.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's Loud, It's Cheap and I Love It!

“It's loud, it's cheap, it's gaudy.
It's like everything I've ever done - I LOVE IT!”
-Betty Grable
There is something to be said about the above collection of words...and how they ever so define this unique light fixture. It delicately hangs in the middle of a wrap around stairwell at a store I visited. At first glance this is what goes through my head at the speed of sound: 1. Hmmmmm. 2. What is all that stuff? 3. What did the chandelier look like before all the embellishments...(internal edit begins). 4. Do I like it? 5. Oddly, enough I do like it. 6. I salute anyone with the guts to make this a focal point of their store. 7. Who is this person...I think we could be friends. 8. I might do something like this to my tacky brass chandelier and give it a little life. Yep, with all cylinders humming a flurry of creative critiquing rushes through my brain and in a minimal amount of time (the distance from the bottom step to the top floor, approximately 28 steps) I determine this is high quality "Gaudy Gorgeous" (remember a few posts back...this was my Dad's favorite term he used to define items he thought were beautiful). The mixture of beads, pearls, mix-matched shades, fringe, floral bits...and the ultimate crowning glory...ta-dah! the sunglasses perched on the top, clearly say to me, "It's loud, it's cheap, it's gaudy and I love it!" -thank you Betty, I took the words right out of your mouth.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

60 Days!

"Intelligence without ambition
is a bird without wings."
-Salvador Dali
The Halloween Party with "The Fanciful Twist" was quite a success. Many, many new friends popped in to say 'hello' was a festive affair...and many clever Halloween ideas and photos were available to be enjoyed. Thank you Fanciful Twist for such a well organized event!
Now, moving on to the remainder of the year. Although, it is not officially Halloween, I think the blog party jump started my organizational clock (which is not a bad thing), and I had a small panic. The end of October is a mental landmark in my head that there is only 60 days left in the year. There lies the justification for the small panic.

During the next 60 days we must all experience: the beginning of fall sports in school (basketball, swimming, and league volleyball), Thanksgiving, the biggest shopping day of the year, decorating for Christmas, multi events and parties, Christmas, traveling for the relatives and we are taking a vacation during the holidays. Whew!!! I had every right to panic...actually it should have been a full blown seizure.

I have many things to do....goals to reach....and fun to have...but, it must come with organization. Today...will be a large calendar day...determine what has to be done, when to do it, and who is going to do what. My day runner is smoking! Consider this blog a little nudge to begin the process of enjoying the last 60 Days of the year! Think it through and organize....just 60 days!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Fanciful Twist Halloween Party

Some men see pumpkins as they are and ask why,
I dream pumpkins that never were and ask "Why not"?
U.S. President John F. Kennedy dreaming
about a 1500 pounder in the oval office one January.
Today is the Halloween Party hosted by http://www.afancifultwist.typepad/. This is an awesome blog...extremely creative, and a pleasure to read and be inspired. I am participating in her Halloween Party today. Vanessa, the creator of this fabulous site has assembled a small gathering of 75+/- blogging friends to post some interesting seasonal pictures to inspire our upcoming holiday! Be sure and go to A Fanciful Twist to be inspired by all the blogging creativity! A favorite crafting revival of mine...remember my affection for the plastic beaded fruit? Well, this is my version of the plastic beaded jack-o-lantern!

Yes, this is a fantastic green suitcase. I painted these pumpkins on this a few years ago, and has now become a standard decoration on our front porch. For the Christmas season...I just turn it around and there is a snowman scene on the other side. You will get to see that later.... All my porch pillows are tied with seasonal colored ribbons...just a simple little decorating touch to remind us of the season.

Hope you stop be and see all the Fall/Halloween photos at http://www.thefancifultwist.typepad/. Much inspiration to be found! Enjoy!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Live Life Abundantly!

This is just a tiny little piece of art...only 4"x4"...but, certainly three words we should all live by! With my looming feet issues...these words are ringing in my head with a totally different definition. Be appreciative of the things you have, and recognize the things you take for granted... and live life abundantly! If you are in the least bit need to check out!!! I am so honored that they have chosen one of my pieces of art to be featured in the "Map of the Day" (left hand side of the features on the home page). Go check it out...and get a cup of coffee or tea...because you will want to enjoy all the different information they have to offer! Share the news!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Spread the Word!!

"The hair is the richest ornament of women."

-Martin Luther

This is the latest creation of my offspring. My affection for buttons has woven its way into my daughter. She can spend much television time pouring through my jars of buttons...begging to have certain ones...and now sewing them to hair clips. A recent day at a craft fair with a friend proved to be a great test market for her endeavor. She is taking the oath of "giving handmade" this Christmas. Much discussion has been vented about Christmas this year. The stock market and our economy being in such disarray...we have all agreed to officially make Christmas gift giving about "handmade". This will be the treats for her friends. Spread the word give 'handmade'!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What Does Your Face Say?

"A man finds room in the few square inches of his face,
for the traits of all his ancestors;
for the expression of all his history, and his wants."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson
Lovely words to think about when you look at people. When I see older and more wiser friends, the depth of their face tell many stories without verbal dialogue. I often wonder when I look into the mirror and I'm applying every "anti-age" cream/ointment/salve...layered with coverage products, color and sparkle...what does my face say at 44? What will it say at 54?.....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Building Nests!

Yesterday was all about this piece of art. It took most of the day to complete...but, I even like it. The quote was no doubt the impetus. The background was cut strips of various ephemera...old returned checks...deposit lists...and these two adorable paper dolls were purchased at a thrift store. I think they are just precious. The wad of string was in a jar of buttons I purchased about six months ago. It fits perfect on top of her head...almost threw it away several times, but for some reason didn't. Once again confirming my need to hoard garbage.... "You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow
from flying over your head,
but you can prevent them
from building nests in your hair."
-Chinese Proverb

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Not Just Another Fruit!

The art is beginning to flow. I have spent the last two days in a creative flurry. Certain situations accidentally become enlightening moments in more ways than one would think. Pardon the constant association with my aching foot...but, it permeates everything I do in some way. This is all new to me...a new found appreciation and respect for those who suffer from various handicaps that constrict every day movement that we all seem to take for granted.
The past two days have forced me to create my workspace to accommodate a person sitting with their foot on a stool and pillow. From the awkwardness of this process...I now know I stand when I create. EEEEEK! Not good for the current situation...but, not impossible. Just some minor adjustments in my creative room and some rearranging of my creative nest, and this too can be overcome. I look like the hub of a wheel with crutch spokes that suspend into piles of a circle of miscellaneous garbage and junk. Not attractive...but, quite functional.

Gladys the red pear that was featured in this months issue of Cloth, Paper Scissors has a sister...her name is Bertha. Yes, Bertha became my entree' into creating again. How strange is it for former blips of time and people to surface when you most need them? Gladys was in my life approximately three hours...and I reflect on her more times than you can imagine. It only seemed natural for her to have a sister.

This quote was exactly reminiscent of Gladys!

"Distinction is the consequence

never the object of a great mind."

-Washington Allston

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Not Just Humorous!

I love this quote.."Humor is one of the best articles of dress one can wear in society" by Thackeray. I'm going to view the shallow side of these beautiful words..."my personal style". As of late, humor is truly the only way to look at my daily attire. I have now resorted to selecting clothes that best enhance my giant black Herman Munster boot. My 'very large plastic and Velcro size ten left orthopedic broken foot support system' presents a fashion challenge. A nice boot cut pant can semi cover its unattractive presence...but, selecting the proper matching normal right shoe is crazy. I want to wear a tennis shoe with everything, just for comfort reasons...but, wow, does that zap my fashion sense. My personality yearns for a cute little funky colored patten leather ballet shoe, but the height difference makes you walk like your on two levels of steps everywhere you go. Finding a complimentary shoe for the 'very large plastic and Velcro size ten left orthopedic broken foot support system' is certainly an entrepreneurial challenge for all the shoe construction fashionistas out there. Go for it...let me be your test market...only problem, my window of prototype test marketing is over in two weeks (?), this is my challenge to you....create the shoe that makes me something worthy to wear in society...not just humorous!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


More foot inspired art! Prior to this little was a cover to a book that had definitely experienced some flooding. It looked as if this book had floated in a bucket of water for about three days. Although the cover was stained....tattered....and dilapidated....its surface just needed some tender loving care. Enjoy!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Who Would Have Thought It?

Finally, I have finished some art!!! My foot has just about driven me crazy....every thought, moment...and creative juice available in my brain has been plagued with pain and fatigue. My studio/art room is in my basement...which adds about eighteen steps (one way) into my day. Once I finally get down there...I have got to stay. Either I'm getting used to it...or the medication is stacking up in my system... and/or my tolerance level seems to be increasing. But, the last three days have included extended windows of creative time. Yea!! You would think with this much time at home I could produce something. Well...its coming!

I chose this quote, "be not merely good; be good for something" because it seems to express my current situation. Sitting and doing nothing "bad"...could easily justify the first four words...but the last four words are clearly my weak point. I'm not much good for anything right now. I am sooooooo high maintenance. Most everything I do requires assistance.... I hate feeling dependent. Even I am dependent on my creative way of doing things. I've learned something interesting about my own creative does not include sitting. I must stand the whole time I'm working....never noticed until now. So, sitting has included me picking up a needle and incorporating it into the process...the piece above is the first efforts of my new found creative experience. My needlework is somewhat primitive...but, oddly a pleasing catharses.

The wounded foot, I must now thank for making me create in a different way. Who would have thought it?