Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Inspiration From Trash!

Trash Tribute No. 4
Yes, the yummy, frilly frame with nothing in it was found next to the trash can at a yard sale! The irony of it all....a wonderful frame...some paint missing...some edges chipped...but, nevertheless, a delicious frame...was sitting by the trash can, while people were buying boxes of empty pickle jars with canning lids for a quarter. I watched in amazement.
My free trash radar needle was in the red zone upon entering the yard....with a quick glaze of the potential goods I spotted the said item kicking up the sensors...I was approximately 30 feet from contact....only four women in between me and the free trash. I dodged....I ducked...I tried to not make my find obvious...I reached the target! Frame in hand I inquired to its price...and the yard sale proprietor said, "FREE!" I walked the rest of the yard sale with it on my arm like a patten purse owned by the Queen Mum. Just to make things seem somewhat normal...I bought a pickle jar!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Inspiration From Trash!

Trash Tribute No. 3
This cute little oak chair was one of many about to be left in a building that was going to be destroyed. I consider that a form of trash. My Mother-In-Law, being very in tune with my need to have old stuff, alerted me of their church offering anyone whatever was left in a former Sunday School building. The structure had become uninhabitable and the church was replacing it with new digs...so, anything the church had not retrieved would be left in it, and the wrecking crew was going to demolish the building and take it to the dump.
I was thrilled to diminish the dump pile... and got away with about 15 of these little chairs. I still have six, but, have given the other nine to various people through the years. I can remember sitting in a similar chair at church and school when I was a little girl.
Some might find it appalling that when my family and friends are going to throw something away...they think of me...hmmmm. It just depends on what side of the trash you are viewing.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Inspiration From Trash!

Trash Tribute No. 2
Isn't this green fantastic? Yes, this old oil lamp was in the trash! I rescued it several years ago while taking my trash to the dumpster in my hometown. The chimney was missing....the green was closer in color to dark brown-ish green because of the layers of dirt and soot...and of course, there was no wick. So, some minor updating was in order...plus, oodles of intense cleaning and soaking...but, the end result was wonderful. Simple plain lines and an outstanding green! This piece of discarded source of light is now our source of light, should the electricity go out. It has served us well through the years!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Inspiration From Trash!

Trash Tribute No. 1
I've decided to have a little series of ten images that were confiscated from the trash! This is my contribution to saluting all great junk that befalls the hallowed galvanized aluminum cylinder! The above tray was found at an estate sale...in the trash bin. I happened to be blinded by the reflection as I tramped back to my car and suddenly felt the "I've got a great feeling that trash bin is calling my name" essence over take me...and there she gleamed. An oval serving dish...complete with absent silver plating...stains....and massive discoloration. Perfect!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Magic Over Debris!

"To play safe, I prefer to accept only one type of power:
the power of art over trash, the triumph of magic over the brute."
-Vladimir Nabocov
Wooo...I've been out of pocket as of late...mucho swim meets...big summer obligations...and projects all due in the same window of time. But, happened upon this quote the other day and LOVED it! It reminded me of this drawer. This pile of aged...ripped...weird...unexplained...collection of vintage ephemera is one of my favorite places to gaze when the 'artistic block' is rearing its ugly head. This little drawer of pulp history can bust through any form of creative blandness with minimal ease. What appears to be trash is certainly my artistic treasure. Hopefully, the triumph of magic over debris!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Ultimate Find!

Remember the time you could hand your child a bundle of multi-colored pipe cleaners and they would be occupied for hours? My husband still has this little man that my daughter made him about seven years ago. It proudly sits on his desk watching over his manhood desk stuff, and will forever. It was made as a multi-functional Christmas gift. It has a pin back and a magnet. Even as a little urchin she understood the need to get as much as you can out of anything you make. This need to reminisce all started with this little bundle of crafting heaven I found just the other day. I personally feel it was the ultimate find...for purchasing a vintage, crafting component totally embodies my creative spirit!Pipe cleaners that were aged...some rusted...and in the original wrappers priced .05 each reminded me of my daughter's youth...the gift that continues to give...and stumbling upon the ultimate find.

Monday, July 14, 2008


"Great men are like eagles,
and build their nest on some lofty solitude.”
-Arthur Shopenhauer

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Games People Play...and Wear!

Why a Domino?
a little domino history.... Dominoes evolved from dice. In fact, the numbers in a standard double six domino set represent all the rolls of two six-sided dice. A set of Chinese Dominoes contains all the possible combinations (including duplicates). European dominoes use only the unique rolls (and add in the blanks). The word "domino" appears to have derived from the traditional appearance of the tiles - black dots on a white background - which is reminiscent of a "domino" (a kind of hood) worn by Christian priests. I have a huge affection for dominoes! Remember, I found an old...moldy...used...and weathered set of layered Dominoes on a trip across the pond. The "dot" side appears to be a 'celluloid-ish' (have no idea what it is) type of material...and the back layer is a painted black wood. There is true imperfections on each one. (this being a major attraction to me). I don't necessarily play dominoes...but, I do wear them!
It's all in the games people play....and wear!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Unexpected Craft and Collection!

Do you ever wonder why things stumble into your path with this alarming amount of continuity...consistency...collectable-ness? Within 13 days of each other these three beaded baskets from the 1950's and 1960's have found their way to my house. In my head they are the next creative jump from the forever loved beaded fruit my grandmother had me create. I wonder who sat down...mulled at the beaded fruit...had a pile of safety pins and miscellaneous beads...and then said..."I'm going to make a basket." Thus, creating a crafting wave that now distinguishes itself as a collectible in 2008! It was not too long ago that I would have passed on these folk art gems. The "gaudy gorgeous-ness" leaned a little too far towards the "tacky trashy" side of crafting. But, I now view them through different eyes. Look at the time and detail put into each basket. I can't think of a time I would actually sit and string beads on a safety pin to create a basket in which to lay plastic fruit. My how times of changed...
Enjoy the visual...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


“Friends are the Bacon Bits
in the Salad Bowl of Life.”
I just love a great bowl! This particular era of ceramics is my favorite. The images are so distinct of that time. I serve every meal in some fun ceramic bowl...that is crackled...cracked...aged...and formerly held the vegetables of some "Beaver Cleaver" family from years ago. My food no doubt tastes better.
My daughter has opened her own Etsy store. It is filled with little vintage things she likes. She opened just a week or so ago, and already has two sales! She is very excited, and seems to be handling it all just great! As a Mom...don't you love it when your offspring's hobbies are just like yours! This equates to the future in these terms:
"WE will always have our junking!"

go to: www.chaoticclutter.etsy.com

Monday, July 7, 2008

Vintage Neck Garnish!

"He that can have patience, can have what he will."
-Benjamin Franklin
About two years ago I found this loopy plastic chain...loved it! Ended up buying about 4 yards of it for $2. Did not have any pre-determined use...I just happen to like loopy plastic chain. About 4-5 years ago I saw this very scotty pendant on a similar black chain, and literally drooled profusely to own it. At the time it was about $125. Waaay too much for me to spend on a piece of neck garnish. (Even to this day...$125 is not likely to be put into something to hopefully enhance my neck. Call me cheap.) But, needless to say, I did not buy it. Just yearned for it. Fast forward to last week: My daughter and I were in an antique mall, and she having a complete grasp of my various eclectic passions, spotted this scotty dog key chain in a case. We summoned the store caretaker and discovered it was $18. Hmmmm? (screaming with extreme intensity in my brain...THAT'S MINE!) I casually laid it up on the check out desk. The above picture is the merging of my plastic chain, a scotty dog key chain and patience. Yippee! Affordable vintage neck garnish!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Carry Hand Sanitizer!

When combing the bottom dregs of the dirtiest places on earth...the most beautiful items can begin to emerge. Recently, while on one of my "you better wear old clothes and take lots of hand sanitizer" adventures...the above items surfaced. Now, upon looking at them as a collective whole...I have no idea how they all came to rest within ten square feet of each other...but, observed as a unique piece of individual quirkiness...they scream..."FANTASTIC"! Just an overview from my perspective: 1. Return checks from the United States Stove Company. Dated as early as 1947. This stack of checks was pay roll for all the fine employees of this South Pittsburg, TN company. 2. The plastic shoe was formerly a baby bank...heat, age and loss of plug on the bottom, certainly effect its ability to perform. But, for some odd reason it spoke as a shoe that had walked many a mile. It formerly held pennies that no doubt went to the educational fund of some little knucklehead. 3. "The Hollywood Shop" just said this was a store of star power! The top receipt is for a bed jacket for $1.98. Now, I've not heard the term "bed jacket" since the episode of Andy Griffith, and Aunt Bea wanted one for her birthday. Where do you wear a bed jacket? ...to bed. Hmmm? 4. Two metal plates that read "cope" and "drag". It makes you wonder...where were these hanging? Why would you need these two words made into a metal plate? Who knows? 5. Last, but certainly not least...clothing labels for something that was branded "Pleasure King". I think the label says enough. What more could I possibly add? There you have it...five odd items...five interesting pieces of history...and five reasons to dig like a crazy woman...and carry lots of hand sanitizer!