Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Embroidery Cottages!

FYI:  I did not do this work....I was just the brilliant one to purchase these beautiful works of needle art!  Two little tea towels with the most adorable little cottages on them.
How could you not LOVE these?

-Friedrich Schiller 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

View From My Balcony....Finally, Snow In The South!

I just recently moved into a condo on the 12th floor!  First time ever to live up high....kind of still gives me the willies on the balcony.  But upon moving here, my first wish was to view my city draped in snow.  Now, let's keep in mind it seldom every snows here.  But, today my wish same true.  Mind you, there was only about a half inch of snow...but still a beautiful thing to see.

Look quick...for it will be gone tomorrow.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

"Junk Whisperer" Bumper Sticker Rides Again!

Yep….saw my favorite title embossed on the bumper of an obvious kindred spirit!  Junk Whisperer rides again!  You can get them here!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Salute the Flag with Scrappy Fabric!

My Honey and I are huge American Idol Fans!  We feel as if we are an extension of the all star judging panel.  We critique on a level that should not be allowed amongst the faint of heart.  We do not flinch to send anybody back home.  Our competency of musical analysis that ultimately sends a young aspiring talent home is not swayed by cute children, flashy outfits, seductive clothing, witty verbal banter or somber homelife stories….you must be a strong singer to go to Hollywood on our vote.  This has become a huge bonding experience for us….we sometimes disagree…and then it is blissful union on our united opinions.  Fun…just plain fun for two grown adults experiencing the empty nest syndrome. 

But in honor of our show ramping back up…I found myself making little flags out of lotto cards while serving my duties as a judge.  No clue what to do with them….but, I made three.   

It was fun!

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Perfect Slipper

I am the Huntress!  I have slain the dragon!  

After years of searching (two to be exact)…finding and buying terrible substitutions…and pretending to convince myself this was the one….I have found the quintessential, ultimate "slipper".  

Life is full of faux versions of what should be easy to make and find in its ultimate form…but, unfortunately there is no true replacement for 'perfect slippers'.  My search for fun, attractive,  sassy, colorful, comfortable, useable….and NOT old lady looking slippers, has been exhausting.  Yes, you can find the velour, fleece, Terri Cloth, mule styled 'step-ins'…some with a plastic sole and some not. I have regularly learned the life span of said "step-ins" is under 30 days, and once they run through the washing machine, the foam shifts to one side and you are eventually walking on fabric only. Plus, whatever slither of slipper style you may think you had with these make-shift imitations is totally a figment of your imagination when you look down your legs and your feet resemble blobs of smushed fabric balls that yearn to be in comfy, trend setting evening shoe wear. 

Finding slippers that encompass all things perfect is a journey.  My hope has always been to purchase slippers that provide comfort to your feet, style to your evening shoe wearing time and a pop of color at the end of your legs.  This unique shoe animal continues to stay elusive.  But, thanks to a promotional email, I could smell the prey rising to bite my wallet.  It was today the unseen, extinct 'impeccable slipper' reared its beautiful head.  It graced the shelves of N2 Shoes in Chattanooga, TN.  They (elusive slippers) smelled the scent of my cents.  I looked…I admired….I test drove….I purchased.  

The Huntress is wearing new evening kicks!

Keurig Glorious Keurig!

"The monotony and solitude of a quiet life 
stimulates the creative mind."
-Albert Einstein

Today is an oddly unstressed day! I am once again unpacking….stitching….and knocking back cups of Chai Latte!  Keurig, glorious Keurig!  The highlight of my day is watching back to back episodes of Suits!  Who knew this show would be so good?

Quiet day….quiet activities.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Retro Telephones!

Tonight my Big Guy and I went to see American Hustle.  It was a flashback of my high school years, and of course college.  I am completely certain my non-appeal for the decor of that time is justified.  Whew, there was some cray-cray wallpaper.  Plus, hair should not require that much architecture.  But, when I saw them talking on the telephone….I LOVED IT!  There is nothing more retro than one of the phones above….and they were such GREAT colors.  The rubberized slinky phone cord and watching the dial spin around with each number…truly, something I vividly remember doing over and over again.  Some people loved the LP/album….I loved the telephone.  

My daughter has no idea what I'm talking about.  It frightens me and confirms my age.
Long live the phone of my teenage era. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Boston Terrier Love!

Today I stayed home and did the household chores of life.  I often have to leave my furry daughter at home, so she was thrilled to hang out with me….I assume.  The baby girl got a new bed for Christmas and has had minimal use for it.  She is a wee bit particular about her bedding.  But today, she nestled down in the new nest very comfortably.  This face is absolutely the most yummy, precious thing on the planet.  I love her bones so much. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Refurbish An Antique Lamp Day!

Well today I got the "I must refurbish my antique lamp" bee in my bonnet!  I have had this somewhat ornate antique floor lamp, that a friend gave me, about 15 years ago.  It was a shiny spray paint gold with a clear glass shade.  So, to say it was blinding when turned on was an understatement.  It landed in my totally never used living room at my former home.  Never saw it....never spent too much time thinking about it... I loved it...but, it just wasn't ever right.  So today....the transformation began...

This is a terrible photo of the ornate top of the lamp and note the ugly color.

This is the base...same ugly color. Note the curly cue iron work...and this puppy is HEAVY.

I am so lovin' this teal color right now.  It took about two hours to get my paint brush and paint in all the crevices.  Whew.  But, it is done and my floor lamp is officially teal.

I found the hand painted shade about five years ago.  It was $5 at a yard sale.  I knew it would find a home eventually....wasn't sure it would be mine....but, look how cool this looks with the new teal base.   

My new lamp has found a home by my reading/stitching chair in my bedroom. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jewelry Display Idea!

Went into one of my favorite junking haunts, Joy's United Gift Shop!  The infamous vendor (Anne Prettyman) had this adorable spool of thread adorned with stunning rhinestone pins! Too cute!  Great display idea!

'Fashion is how you display cool stuff!  
It makes people like me want to buy it!"
-Alexa Lett

Monday, January 13, 2014

Portrait of Friendship!'

Had to share!!

My 'bestie' hand-delivered my grand poo-bah 50th birthday present this weekend.  A photo was taken of the two of us while in the midst of our annual seven day siesta at Rosemary Beach.  The photo then became this fantastic portrait.  The likeness is uncanny.  The artist, Celia Jameson, absolutely captured our friendship!  We both experienced the grand maturity level of the big 5 - 0....fifty, in the year 2013!  

No better place...friend...or year to move into a half century!  LOVE...LOVE my memory!  

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Woolworth's Mini Ornament Goodness!

This was a gift from one of my delightful junking gal pals.  Just got it yesterday.  I am a freak for old Christmas ornaments.  I'm not sure my buddy knew this, but luckily karma played a roll in this gift giving.  

Do you remember Woolworth's Five & Dime?  I DO!  It was a shopping mecca.  As a kid my $5 monthly allowance has been grossly squandered regularly purchasing from the aisles of shallow and cheap knick-knack goodness.  I can even remember seeing these boxes of sparkly jewel toned ornaments.  When they began to be stocked on to the was Christmas time in Tennessee!

Little did my friend know....

Little did YOU know my fantastic gift was a teenee tiny version!  BONUS: it is a pin too!!  

Absolutely love it!  Can't wait until next Christmas to adorn my lapel with this retail memory!

Thank you Kim! 

Friday, January 10, 2014

False Teeth....Awesome Gift!

It is true...I have an odd fascination for false teeth, as seen here.  And...I also have a menagerie of odd friends...for this was their Christmas gift to me.  

These lovely friends....
     -Obviously read my blog, for I do not share openly/verbally some of my odd obsessions.  I leave that to the wildly, tiny world of the information highway.  
     -They are very thoughtful friends and sought the most obscure gift known to man.  They sacrificed their own selfish urges to keep such gifty-ness and share it with me.  
     -Plus, they possess the ultimate shopping skills.

What does one do when one receives such creepily awesome gifts such as these?  Beam with pride!  How does one express their gratitude?  To said odd friends....I THANK YOU from the bottom of my gums.

FYI:  red set is a wind up clacker set, the pink set is soap (argh, argh), the bottom set is some one's original mold of their teeth.  Love them!  Now, to the left of the three sets of false teeth is my new grille.

Little did the giver (Joy) know, I have always wanted to put on a rhinestone grille?  Yes...check, that is off my bucket list.  Below is my simpleton teeth....and next is my bedazzled set.  Yep.

There you have friends!  The best!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Make Art With Furniture!

This "Pollack" styled chair is now an art installation at my fabulous studio building, Chattanooga Workspace.  It proudly is displayed on the 2nd floor common area.  I was in attendance during its creation, but, all the credit must go to two of my favorite artists in the building...Ali Kay and Ever.  I LOVE it!  Almost.....(note almost) want to put it in my home...although, it is a wee bit stiff.  This little treasure is the first thing you see upon exiting the elevator.  

Note:  walls and floor reflect the painting style of the chair....otherwise known as: sling multi-colored paint in a general area and giggle with glee!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Floral Buttons In A Vase!

Just wanted to share a thoughtful gift given to me by my Honey!  He went to one of my favorite stores in Chattanooga and purchased this small bouquet of button florals.  I absolutely loved it!

As of late, we have had many discussions about "thoughtfulness" and this was a home run!  My turn to return the favor....

"Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind, 
but great actions speak to all mankind."
-Theodore Roosevelt

Monday, January 6, 2014

Embroidery Again?

This is going to be a surprise......I was in a car 5 hours today....this is what happens.  While taking my little friend to college I got to ride and sew!  Finally, I am getting back in the creation mode.  Can't wait to spend the day in my studio....I feel it coming soon!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Embroidery and Felt For the Snow of 2014! fair city is under the large and exciting warning of potential snow by in the morning.  Just reenacted the normal pre-snow ritual...

1.  get to store immediately
2.  purchase bread, eggs, milk, rotel, velveeta, corn chips, 
3.  make chili (always have these ingredients on hand from January 1st - March 31st
4.  continually check in on the weather channel 
5.  get up numerous times to check if snowflakes are following

Once said snow has blanketed the ground with approximately 1/2" to 1" of white icey goodness, prepare all said items in the pre-snow ritual.  

Along with this homey practice...I ensure that I have plenty of crafty goodness to occupy my hours of snow gazing from my window.  Yesterday I was organizing my projects and I finished one of them.  The above embroidery was to be a project for tomorrow, but, I couldn't put it down until it was finished.  Now, tomorrow will be filled with full on creativity.  A project that has not even reached the dicey surfaces of my brain.  This afternoon, I went to my studio...grabbed a pile of fabric, thread and trim...and tomorrow will be filled with raw projects that evolve as I feel.  

Often, I like to gather...contemplate....somewhat lay out the end result...but, not tomorrow.  It is full on stitch by the seat of my hopeful snowey pants!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Boston Terrier Spoons his Water Bottle Friend!

Nothing better than laying in the sun back to back with your bestie, that is a felt pig covering a water bottle.They have been through battle and play together, why not some warm siesta time?  My precious two girls found a happy place and they are filling it with purely shared affection.  My sweet girls bring such joy!  Just a little spooning of friends!

Enjoy special moments!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Union Buttons On Buttons, Now A Necklace!

Way back about two summers ago, I found this bag of, what I think to be, union buttons.  I loved the colors..they were dated...and had great graphics.  Now what do you do with cute union buttons?  I glued them on to a large button and added velvet cord and what a fun conversation necklace.  

Upon doing a wee bit of research I think the "I.B.T.C.W.& H."  means, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehouse men and Helpers of America.  Interesting huh?  I suppose you got a button each month.  The number is the local organization.  

I don't know much about this...but, I do know, the graphic artist was a forward thinker!  Kudos to that person or company!

Combining Old and New Quilt Fabric!

Finally got to some stitching.  It has taken a while, might I add. It is so strange...when you haven't worked on something you so love to do, pick it up and it seems like you just put it down about an hour ago.  My needle and thread were still stuck in the fabric and you just start sewing.  No debate, trying to remember what the goal was, foresee the end result...nope, just start.  Similar to many things we abandon and want to begin, you first must start.  

The brain often needs to escape.  My brain has been needing an escape for roughly 65 days steadily.  With the ease back into the new year and the routine that comes with daily life I am thrilled.  Maybe my "starting" will be more frequent!

My mantra: START!

I have much starting to do.