Wednesday, August 31, 2011

100 Proof Press!

I am in love with the wooden kitchen chair stamp 2601-Q at 100 Proof Press!

 Found this roll of very thin cotton fabric at my local thrift store.  Which makes creating stamped ribbon much seeming strips of fabric together.  I am a huge fan of rough and ripped edges, so I just tore several strips about 6 feet long and started stamping.  
This would be easy to do with a roll of ribbon as well.  

Make gift giving a little creative and unique!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pin Art!

A little "pin" art!

 The red flower was made from old, plastic clothes pins...
 and the bottom flower is made from hair pins.
"See things for what they are...and what they can be"

Friday, August 26, 2011

Homemade Place Cards for 16th Birthday!

Yep, my little Friend is now 16!  We had a small gathering of friends at a local yummy restaurant in Chattanooga named Foodworks.  Great environment and even better food!  

Just to mark each attendees place, I made hang cards for the girls.  For once, Facebook was an awesome resource for little mugs of each gal.  So easy, yet whack-a-doodle party funny!

 They all had different paper dress, same party hats and I attempted to apply their similar hair.  They all kind of have a big head....loved it!

 The cards were formerly music flashcards.

Sweet 16!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

100 Proof Press Stamps!

We are volleyball fanatics at our house. breathe...volleyball.  Why not have a party and invite the whole team over?  But, I have two rules of entertaining...

1. Keep it simple.
2.  Keep it special for the attendees.
3.  Keep it inexpensive for me.

When I ordered the volleyball stamp 3198-P from 100 Proof Press, it had no purpose in my head.  I felt there might be some reason I would need a volleyball stamp...but, none sitting at the end of my crafty fingers. Team colors are red and blue.  Knocking back liters of soft drinks, lemonade, and water are a constant with athletes.  Getting a different cup each time they want something breaks rule number three for me.  Red Solo can't go wrong!

But, now we need to execute rule number one.  Always have these cute little round hang tags at your disposal.  Plus, it just so happened that the volleyball stamp fit perfectly on the image space (rule number one accomplished). Write their name on each volleyball and this cup will be used multiple times (emphasis on  rule number two and a side hit of rule number three) Yea!   

Simple....special...and inexpensive!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Abide With Me!

New sampler!  I love to do these!  The best part is making all the little pieces individually during volleyball games...waiting in the parking lot...watching television...or whatever.  After so many are assembled, you just lay them out like a big quilt and see which ones go together.  

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's Time To CHAT!

 C-H-A-T!  I found these funky, old sign letters at one of my favorite haunts, Estate Of Confusion in Chattanooga, TN.  I simply glued them to some old linen book covers, added a little ephemera, notions and a cute little Corona typed "artfully with friends".
This was recently offered at an art show in Columbia, TN and I know who purchased it.  Perfect for Joe and Carol!  Friends I like to CHAT with on the lake.  I met them through my buddy Edie at the best lake house on Tim's Ford. fun!

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Chicago Bean!

It is official...I have been up close and personal with the "Bean" in Chicago.  Obviously, the idea of art selection in Chicago is "go big, or go home". Wow, now that is a big silver bean.

The magnitude in size made it awesome.  It's ability to reflect the city for miles was fascinating.  Once again, my simple minded brain has no idea how this giant bean that looks like liquid mercury is standing on two somewhat small areas.  

I wonder....
a.  what artistic brain bubble developed in a mind that said the world needs a giant silver bean?
b.  who was the city leader that approved a giant silver bean to be placed in the city? That provided some water cooler convo-ing.
c.  why are we fascinated to see a giant silver bean?

Don't know...but, I loved it!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Oh Marilyn Monroe! The Statue!

I always thought Marilyn Monroe was larger than she IS larger than life.

On a recent outing to Chicago, all the talk was about going to see the Marilyn statue....and it was awesome.  The iconic pose of Marilyn standing over the air vent with her white dress fluttering in the wind, coupled with her sexy little grin was beautifully captured in this GI-NORMOUS piece of art.  Everyone scurried to take their turn to stand next to her leg and have a photo made.  The magnitude of the piece made her absolutely stunning.

 Every angle of the sculpture was breathtaking.  The gentle flow of her dress was so perfect.  It somewhat defied gravity.

 Her heel was at the top of my hip....I'm 5'10" that's a spike heel!

Just an observation...look at the creepster laying on the ground.

This was his vantage point for approximately 20 minutes.  He didn't move...only took photo, after photo, after photo....of concrete granny panties.  What is up with that?  He just rested under Marilyn's huge canopy of her dress and made photos.  Hmmmm.

"I'm not interested in money,
I just want to be wonderful."
-Marilyn Monroe


Friday, August 19, 2011

Art With A Key!

 Yes, I'm back in the creative game again....and yes, the bookcover canvases are back.  I love to work with this size!  
But the outstanding part of this little piece is the happiest key in the world!  The key actually has a top hat, bow tie and precious little face.  Found it in a bag of keys...almost had stroke it was so cute!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Little Edgy.....

I know this may seem a little edgy...but, I oddly found it kind of cute!

Loved the photo....made a cute of art!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stamp A Shelf With 100 Proof Press!

Yep...a cheap yard sale shelf can become an adorable little trinket holder!
Bought the raw wood shelf for .50, had some extra powder pink spray paint (the color fades in my photo, sorry)...

 then I stamped the Opium Poppy stamp #5865-W from 100 Proof Press along the edges.  If I may offer any advice, do not get caught up in making it perfect.  Just plop the biggest "poppy" area along the edge... overlap at leisure...and add three little bold colored dots (I chose blue) and there she is! 
Just as cute as a little old man on a shelf!