Thursday, September 24, 2009

Must Add Sapce!

"What passes for optimism
is most often the
effect of an intellectual error."
-Raymond Aron
Have you ever seen the bubble at the bottom of your tool bar that says, "not enough disc space"? Well I've been looking at that about 10 days now....and kept loading kinds of great stuff...and thought with complete optimism...this is just a little will be fine.
Well today, the voice of optimism was replaced with the yell of "you have crashed, you dumbo who didn't pay attention to the warning bubble."
Please keep checking in...I have oodles of art, creativity and photos to share, but having a bit of technical and intellectual meltdown-ed-ness. Must add space ASAP!!!!
Have a great day!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

"We Speak" Art Project

I love to see an art project that begs you to figure out "why?". I have driven downtown several times....I have seen this wonderful visual display and for one reason or another, did not stop and figure out what it was about. But, NOT TODAY! I fought the traffic...parked illegally...and read the simple banner below to understand how wonderful I found this art display. If you don't want to read the whole is the jest... "We Speak" is a series of 50 paintings created in 2009 by 50 teens. Each teen was asked to complete the phrase "I ______", using a word which best represented what they would express to all Chattanooga and its visitors. Using mirrors each teen drew or painted his or her mouth articulating that word. When hung together the paintings create a building that "speaks" words of empowerment.
How cool! What was once an unused now a four story building of positive affirmations. Now that is empowering! Love it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Grass Does Not Grow!

I'm heading back home and must thank my friends who help my travels much easier. The simple quote above says it all....
"On the road between the homes of friends, grass does not grow."

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Put On Your 'Bright Side' Boots!

Habits can be bad sometimes...biting nails, bad language, being late, talking on a cell phone inappropriately, yet....some habits are quite good. For instance, saying, "thank you", writing handwritten notes, and looking on the bright side of things. This is a quote I daily try to observe. Many times I too, fall off the wagon, but we must all strive to face the bright light. This week is already seeming like a challenge, so, I putting on my "bright side" boots as we speak. Join me!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Start Chewin'!

This quote is one of my FAVORITES! I am certainly one of those people that the more I have to do....the more I get done. It is a sick omen. So this philosophy of "Bite off more than you can chew, they chew it" is absolutely a mantra that proudly hails on my mirror...on my fridge...on my dashboard...and in my noggin'. Everybody...start chewin'!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


-Red Skelton
Made oodles of bingo bracelets today....happened upon this quote by the infamous Comedian, Red apropos.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Put To Rest!

Today was an epiphany day....a day of art imitating life. I had more fun today than I have in a long time. Oddly enough, one of my biggest fears was established....yet, quickly put to rest. the saga continues... Today: My Hubby owns a company. It is a successful company. It now needs the aid of something I can do. Finally, I can contribute to the better good of what we are attempting to create. I was invited, by said President, to be the representative for a rather large meeting to discuss marketing and advertising. I LOVED it. Did not realize how much I missed the brainstorming....the formulating of ideas from various vantage points...the request of my opinion. FYI: in my basement studio, the only person that asks me anything is Daisy (the most adorable Boston Terrier ever) and she only requests to go visit the backyard for a few minutes about three times a day. This meeting dusted off a portion of my brain that evidently had lay dormant for quite some time. I could literally feel a tingling sensation soaring through my body. Life Imitating Art: The above piece of art was something I did about a month ago. I loved the picture of the couple and quote...and quickly thought they equally looked independent, yet together a part of a greater whole. At the time, I was thinking "happy marriage". Now, upon working through today...I think this photo was a bit of a reflection of myself and my Hubby. Together we are working on small opportunities to create larger enterprises. Art imitating life. Hmmm. Fun: Every day should be fun. Making the creative juice surge through your body IS fun. After today...I have redefined what makes that possible. Biggest Fear: Upon quitting my full time job and becoming a stay-at-home Mom, I would lose the "business"... side of my brain. The fear of not having a deadline....dependency on a paycheck...responsibilities of pleasing my boss....and gratification of completing a task for someone else would begin to slowly diminish and create a vast island of cerebral mish-mash that would have no value to anyone. Upside to Biggest Fear: Being a stay-at-home Mom only made my brain work in a totally new way. Deadlines that are totally different, but clearly a part of my life...dependency on Hubby....finding pleasure in being with myself...creating artful projects...and massive gratification that my only child was not being raised at the hands of someone else. Can you believe all this came from a simple old photo and a terrific meeting? Let's put this all to rest....