Monday, April 29, 2013

Feed Sack Cocktail Napkins!

Feed sack fabric is my textile of choice!  If I see it....and can afford it....I buy it!

There is something hypnotic about the thread count...colors...and texture.  I love it!

A recent "Fabric Flip" workshop at The Revival encouraged me to actually make something out of my stash.  I have never been a fan of paper napkins...but it tends to be what I use in a, I decided to change that form of mouth blotting.  My feed sack cloth was calling!  These are nothing more than a 15" square sewn together, no two sides alike, added a little twinge of crochet with a funky colored button for aesthetics, and there you have it!

Cute feed sack cocktail napkins!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Vintage Union Pin Rings!

I found a bag of these union pins last year at the World's Longest Yard Sale!!  The pins dated 1966 to 1979.

Just looked up the meaning to the initials...


International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen, and Helpers of America.

The small pins were quite colorful and interesting to me.  Bought them all and mounted them on a vintage button to create a fun new ring.  

Little bit of vintage, blingage history!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Country Living Cover!

Just received my "Country Living" cover...and YES, it is my favorite!

The merchandising is quite wonderful....blackboard wall is great.....but, the little furry friend under the desk is outstanding!

Love the Boston Terrier!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Yarn Bombing!!

At the Chattanooga Workspace  the past few weeks have been filled with YARN BOMBING!!  One of our creative inhabitants is beautifully adorning many things outside with this lovely yarn!

The trees.....

the light poles...

the huge turtle bench....

is now wearing a swim carp!

You think something is pretty...then someone comes along and makes it prettier!!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Vintage Revival Review - Part Deux!

 Always begin every show by meeting a new friend or better yet meeting up with an old one.  Michele Rodgers was across from me last year at the Fall version of Vintage Revival in Buford, GA.  Her cute-cute-ness, fun-ness and family stories that make me giggle and her wide assortment of junk awesomeness, made her fit into my friendship circle in a micro-second.  I saw her for the first time since last October and we just picked up where we left off.  Easy....peazy!

Plus, for this show, I attended with BFFE, she brought her wares as well.  So, what was once my now OUR booth.  She is retiring from sharing her wisdom with the youth of America and is going to share some with me....Yippee!  

She brought lots of antique goodness with her and now it is with the attendees of Vintage Revival...for she had little left.

My little bumper stickers were quite the hit.  There will be nothing more pleasing than to travel through Georgia and someday see my words of junking wisdom grace the bumpers of fellow friends in the south.  

What do you think was the number one purchase?

a.  Junk Whisperer
b.  Inferior Designer
c.  quilt until you wilt
d.  Handmade

It was Junk Whisperer!!!!!

We were located inside building number two...and oddly, I never took one photo of the complete building (oops).  But, it was much smaller than #1, but filled with charm.  The walls were white and pipes boinged out of every wall and clearly these four wall had many stories to tell.  For some reason, (good karma) I was given a corner space!  It was awesome!

Everything looks dark in the photo, but much lighter in reality.

My art hung quite nicely on the wall...

and tables were filled with vintage goodness.

BFFE had these delish cardboard ice cream advertising signs...

and lots of unique glassware.

There are many milestones...benchmarks....and ceilings to crack when delving into a proprietorship.  One of mine has always been to casually pass someone wearing something I have created.  I personally, had totally written off the male gender as one of my consumers years ago.  But, lest we narrow our goals...for this weekend, I sold a BINGO bracelet to two different men.  The first being this little cutie below with his little hottie girlfriend.  He looked....purchased....and wore my BINGO bracelet right out of the booth.  Of course, I had to capture this moment in still photography and was so thrilled!!

This is MY bingo bracelet!!
Needless to say...this weekend was a hoot!  Much fun was had by all!  Can't wait to do it again.....

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vintage Marketplace Review!

Let's just start from the very beginning of this weekend's Vintage Marketplace.

I have never been to the Goat Farm in Atlanta until last Friday.  Now, in my brain it was quite difficult to envision a literal 'goat farm' in downtown Atlanta.  The city of Atlanta is basically concrete and tall buildings with the surrounding areas filled with concrete and shorter buildings.  A city filled with commerce.  

As I followed Gertie my GPS gal, it led my down this skinny, not so well paved, two lane highway with door to door businesses on both sides of the road.  Then I made a right turn, bumped through some typical construction and took a left into an Atlanta farm vortex.

The pavement paradise we all know as Atlanta has this little slice of earthiness which contradicts all descriptions given a large city.  As we traveled down the driveway there was a sign that read, "beware of animals".  First clue, the 'goat farm' might actually have goats?!! Who knew?

This former tannery is a venue and what appeared to be an artist commune of sorts.  The vibe from every building was beaming with warmness.

The mixture of dilapidated and useful was inspiring.  Everywhere you turned was a picturesque vignette!  Then we had Weatherly and her crew adding their creative!

The bigger building was a beautiful framework for any vendor.  Basically, you could sell dirt in a Solo cup and it would have been complimented by the environment.  

This is the entry to the big building and became the patio for resting...eating...and looking at all the cool stuff purchased.

Beauty is in the DETAILS! Vintage Revival and Company are filled with details!

Yes, this was a booth!  Speaking of details......

This is a photo from the opposite end of the big building.

As freaky as I am about being outside....I hate to depend on Mother Nature.  But, the outdoor vendors were allowed to spill out was stunning! other word.

So much furniture goodness!

Shopping Oath:  Come rain or shine I will dress in a rockin' vintagey dress with an edgy army jacket accessorized with an oversized golf umbrella and a precious spring flower in my hair. 

Everyone knows how much I LOVE dogs....only to be surpassed on the love scale is Boston Terrier dogs.  This sweet little brown and blue eyed diva stopped in for a visit.  Meet Princess Honeybadger.

Feed sack gone comfy!

I missed seeing a goat (I heard they were there), but I did see Tom Turkey and a flock of chickens.

It was difficult to leave McDonald's farm on Sunday. details.....

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Revival!

Can't wait to set up at:

Once again, my bff, E will be with me....and she is bringing junk to offer too!  We are both going to do a "Fabric Flip" class as well!

Can't wait...Goat Farm here we come!

Repurposed Organ Stops!

Finally, I took the time to experience a little creativity in my new nest.  The place is still a mess, waiting on a piece of furniture to be delivered to house many, many supplies!  Then I will share.

But, in my unpacking, I found these old organ tabs/stops/tonal choice buttons.  I think they will become something to hang on a necklace.  Initially, I was going to embellish some art, but I want the consumer to know what the plastic piece was originally.

These sweet little faces decoupaged into this rectangle of plastic is so wonderful.

This is the top of the organ pieces....this probably makes a lot more sense!

Wearing one as we speak/read.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Chair-ries Jubilee!

The wonderful auction sponsored by Chair-ries Jubilee in Cleveland, Tennessee is next weekend!  This is my donation.  

Found this cute little kidney shaped stool at an estate sale...painted it...made this little cushion for it.
It will be at the auction!
Visit their Facebook page here!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Quilt Tops!

Yep....this ominous pin headed shadow giant is me! I hit an estate sale today and found the most beautiful quilt tops!  

This day was beautiful, and the most beautiful site is...

my latest quilt purchases laying on my driveway for viewing!

Spring has sprung!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

30-A Art and Junk!

Gi-normous letters that scream in art language....ENTER!

"30-A Art and Junk' calls to you while driving down the road.  The over the top color and visual stimulation equate to audible screams of "PULL OVER NOW!"

Every crevice of the exterior of the building and lot on which it stands is filled with whack-a-doodle art.  Colorful, bold, re purposed, weather worn and happy!

Flowers bloom in the most unusual places.

Then of course, is the ominous alphabet graveyard.  A font lover's dream.

Inside is a way-back room that is filled with ___________.  You could actually find just about anything there.  I personally have a homing device for feed sack material, so the fabri-meter was in the red zone. Actually purchased the blue with white flower bundle.

All through this little retail haven is artistic glimpses of a 'woman in residence'.  I especially enjoy her humor, and affection for slapping the duties of women smack in the face.

Would love to have these rusty crusty letters in my studio!

Amongst the art and LARGE blingage.  This ever so subtle aqua number makes my wedding ring look like a mustard seed....humph.

More visual stimuli in the driveway.

Enjoy the simple...the colorful....the happy....and stack heaps of it in your driveway.  They will come!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Break 2013 in Seaside!

Spring Break 2013 was somewhat bittersweet....

1.  my last Spring Break with my high school senior daughter
2.  although we were in was quite nippy
3.  me and a very large portion of the world came to Florida for Spring Break

Upon landing in Florida...the first thing you MUST do is walk to the beach.  At the edge of the  boardwalk entrance, was the Sperry graveyard!

next, you gaze at the stunning beach view...

then mosey up to your condo and continue the beach view...

then learn the lay of the land via bikes!

scoot on over to a bike trail that brings tranquility to a Spring Break marred with oodles of teenagers and people!

Loved my few days on the beach!

Tomorrow, I share visual stimulation at its finest....