Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bingo and Cover-Up Bracelets!

They are baaack!!!  Yes, bingo bracelets are back.  Finally found some old wooden numbers and they have been assembled for Sweet Tea Fall Frenzy!  And, there is a new twist...

remember the old wooden cover-ups used in bingo?
Well, they have found a place on a bracelet as well.  I stamped a tiny vine type image erratically on them, but I think they are so cute!

Bingo arm candy!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Paint Tube Art!

Fun art! 

Found this precious, mini tubes of old dried up oil paint.  Found them at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta last year.  

Gathering up the goodies for Sweet Tea Fall Frenzy!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Vintage Brass Letter Stencils!

Vintage Brass Letter Stencils!

A shoe box of brass letter stencils has created a pile of goodness that will be available at 
There was only one full alphabet set, but several words were available.





My first time to have such a huge collection of brass stencils.  Pretty cool!

Come and get them!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vintage Boxes at Sweet Tea Fall Frenzy!

Today I found buried in a box in my attic was a box of vintage boxes.  Old tins, powder boxes, office supply tins.....

I have the Sweet Tea Fall Frenzy show coming up next weekend!  Oh what to do with them?

This series of vintage boxes are all individually filled with uber cool vintage goodness!

Besides the awesome trinkets inside...

the boxes are fab!

No two boxes are filled with the same baubles, but each are filled with some very cool things that can be used for projects....doo-dads to pin to an inspiration things to tie on a present....!  

The green tins held powder puffs.  There is even a slight scent of grandma.

These are a wee bit smaller but full of trinkets.

All of these, plus many more will be at Sweet Tea Fall Frenzy, September 20th & 21st!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Junking In My Own Cabinets!

A bulging tumor of excess has been growing!  My cabinets are so full I only use the minimal number of things I can touch and not have to unload to reach.  Thus, so many pretty things go unused....unseen....and unloved.

So.....I have been cleaning out the cabinets.  

The number of things wedged and tucked into the crevices of my kitchen is alarming.  

Glasses and glasses...oh my!  We use the same four glasses every day.  I use them and immediately put them in the dishwasher, and I turn it on each night.  Replace them in the cabinet each morning and the cycle begins again.  When friends or family are here we use the same glasses with maybe 4-5 more.  Why do I need this many glasses?  Why!  

In my purging...I have found:

1.  the above Christmas containers I have needed numerous times during the holidays.
2.  a Christmas gift for my daughter that I hid approximately 2 years ago.
3.  a thermostat timer we purchased about 8 months ago and I stuck it in the cabinet.
4.  boxes and boxes of birthday candles
5.  tongs I have replaced by a new pair two times

No telling what else is yet to be unearthed!
Hail to the cleaning!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

View My Art Studio!

The AVA Gallery Hop was a HUGE success!  There was an estimated 2,000 people that ventured through our Chattanooga Workspace!  From 2-9pm on Saturday, our building was hopping!  People milling around everywhere!  All 'hoppers' seemed to be so intrigued by what is going on around here.  There was such a great vibe!

Because of this event, it forced me to straighten up my studio.  I am one of those that requires an incentive to clean.  So, in honor of my cleaning I will share the space with you!

This is what you see when you enter my door. Two big walls of natural light and windows that are fantastic!  

This is the brain center of the operation (argh argh).  Desk and area to eat!  Two components necessary to all businesses.

In keeping with my "maximalist" cabinets are covered.  Most all "stuff" is open to see.

This is my sewing area....machine, ironing board, scraps of fabric, doodle board...etc.

Most all of the inventory of jewelry hangs here.

Now we begin the trek into the "stuff" side of the room.  Even in its most organized state, it looks massively junky and disorganized.  

This corner screams maximalist!

This side of the room also has the 'flea market' vibe going.  Lots of memorabilia, ephemera, antiques, stitching, banners, ribbons, Letterman's patches, name might be clipped to my daughter's baby bed springs mounted on the wall.   Everyone said this wall was like a trip down memory lane.  Exactly how I feel.

Right around the corner is my fabric stash and funky art and collectibles I love! Plus, a spinner of my art.

Now we have circled back to the epi center and out the door.

My little piece of heaven on earth!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mixed Media Art That Makes You Sing!

Continuing the spiffing in the studio.  Photos will be coming tomorrow for the "birds of cleaning" have been in overdrive!

Finally my creative heart is beginning to SING!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Chattanooga Workspace Gallery Hop!

It is like the debutante ball here at the Chattanooga Workspace!  Four floors of creative goodness is under the spell of its first official coming out party on Saturday, September 7, 2013!

Months of work by many are culminating to a 2-8pm event which will present its many creative residents to all of the Chattanooga city and area.

The medicinal aesthetic of this former building has been transformed into four floors of multi-colored visual eye candy.  I invite everyone to stop and take in the latest commune of clever folk.  

One of our very own will be featured in the main gallery, Seven!  Wait until you see what he has done on the wall.....

There will be open studios for all to visit.  

Below are the galleries participating in the your local artisans!

It is going to be fun!!

the Gallery Hop map

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Quilting Mash-Up!

I want to coin a new phrase.....Quilting Mash-Up!

Yesterday's photo has blossomed into some of this below. It is a Quilting Mash-Up!

Let us all enjoy the term and usage of "mash-up" by the TV sitcom, GLEE!  Now let us add it to our creative usage.

Quilting Mash-Up!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Finding the Sun!

My baby girl has had a tough time adapting to being without her best bud.  Plus, the weather this weekend has been very wet.  We had hoped to take her out to the park or something...but, no.  She had to find her own piece of sun in our great room.  

As tiny a sliver as it is....she is basking in it!