Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Country Living Fair 2013 Phase 1

The Country Living Fair always has the signature pumpkin and gourd totem!  This year was no different....just beautiful!  They even had a pumpkin cairn.  This pile of fall beauty is always a major photo opportunity for everyone attending.  Once again, confirming my belief of 'more is more' and 'more is better'....credo of a maximalist.

This little vignette was so precious.  Not so many of these found at this event.  Men are found in the outdoor lounge under the trees! 

Tye dye is such a creative form of textile beauty.  I happen to have a wing-ding tye dye artist just down the hall from me at Chattanooga Workspace.  Just in small windows of observation I have seen a tip of the process....this is not child's play.  The booth particularly decided to tye dye everything.  Sweaters, plaid shirts, blue jeans, blouses, silk, underwear...just about anything.  Naturally, I was drawn to the the dyed wedding gown.  Fab!

As always, linens can never be over merchandised.  I do love them.  Back to my "maximalist" style of linens.....

A truly clever merchandiser can make any form of an item look appealing.  We all know praised and desired baked goods or sweets are always a draw.  This particular booth owner made all of her vintage notions and trims look like cupcakes and pastries. Absolutely scrumptious.

The whole day just made me....

Tomorrow a little insight to furniture at the fair!
Whoop, whoop!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Heaven & Ale and Dish T Pass Craft Beer Pairing Dinner In Chattanooga!

I have been to a wine pairing....but a craft beer pairing?

Absolutely, and it was OUTSTANDING!

Dish T Pass (the completely awesome catering boutique located in Chattanooga Workspace) partnered with Heaven & Ale to create this unusual and delicious event.

I fortunately, discovered it on Facebook...bought two tickets ...and showed up!

This is what I knew...

First:  I already knew Sarah and Amanda of Dish T Pass know their stuff in the catering and food world, so sweet and savory bouquets of party-rific good times was coming to my mouth no matter what.

Secondly: Heaven & Ale was a new business to me...and I had no idea how it worked, but they sold beer.

Thirdly:  I had no idea who was coming and who would I be breaking bread with at the table.

Fourthly:  I love to try something knew....and if you are combining great food and beer....why not?

Got there at 6:30pm and the establishment was hopping.  A very long farmhouse table had been set and garnished with the most beautiful dishes....glasses....earthy goodness...and no place cards.

We had a we bit of time to try a couple of different beers along with two different appetizers.  I have only one word for the level of the beginnings....YUM!

The Heaven & Ale proprietors welcomed us....explained their establishment....introduced Dish T Pass proprietors, and invited us to take a place at the table.

We did....and the party began.

The pairing of each beer was explained....what hint of what would spark your pa let to enjoy a flavorful bowl...plate...plate...and bowl that would be coming.  All the food was explained regarding the pairing, and a large portion was passed from guest to guest to serve and enjoy.

By the end of the first bowl of soup....my taste buds were screaming with delight. and I felt like I was enjoying a thanksgiving meal with family and friends.  The introductions began...the opinions of each food item and beer tasting were flying...and many sounds of laughing faces were heard and seen.  

To say the night was a complete success is massively understated.  There were two parties going on....one in my mouth, and one at table with a fun group of new friends eating and drinking. 

Cheers to Heaven & Ale and Dish T Pass!

Count me there next time too!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Country Living Fair With Cari Cucksey!

Today I attended the Country Living Fair in Atlanta, Georgia!  Beee-u-ti-ful DAY!

Lynne, my friend, went with me!  Within five minutes of entering the hallowed grounds I spotted one of my 'celebrity crushes'....Cari Cucksey of Repurpose!

Milled around amongst all her vintage goodness, chatted it up a bit with the Prima Donna of Estate Sales, jumped on a photo opportunity, and basically told my friend we could go home.

My joy here had been found.  But.....I did not.  

I have attended this event four times.  Each year it somehow gets better.  How is that possible?  The visual buffet is breath taking.  It will take me a while to organize the oodles of photos.....but, they are coming!  
Check back in....

Friday, October 25, 2013

Garage Sale Vintage Finds!

Today was the junking mother load!  My first stop was from a junkin' friend with "red alerts" to get to an estate sale ASAP!  I of course, responded ASAP!
Good stuff was found...will share that later.

But, below was the jewelry I found.
Let me set the stage.....

I was traveling with no intentions of attending another estate sale... and then a scream from the gods of junking called to me and shown down the light upon a simple 8"x10" card stock sign with the alluring written words "estate sale".  It was poorly written, kind of dripping down the page from a faux Sharpie pen.  It basically said, "amateur".

I followed the signs and pulled in to a small clean little white clapboard house.  Not much in the yard and a pick up truck had most of the merchandise laid out in the truck bed.  Three men were sitting in sack chairs in the driveway with a beer in their hands.  It was approximately 11:07am.  
(this translates to three amateurs)

As I walked up, one of the estate sale genius' asked, "we've got some stuff for you little lady, what are you looking for?"  I giggled appropriately and began to look at the minimal offerings. The truck bed was filled with youthful clothing and purses.  It was all brands from Target and Kohl's.  Nothing wrong with that, but the pricing was just under the original price and it was used.  On a card table schlepped off to the side was a box of jewelry.  Genius #1 said, "that is some of my grandmother's junk, you won't like any of that." Every item, pair of earrings, necklace, bracelet, etc. was in a Ziploc bag.  I inquired to the price of the bags and Genius #2 said, .25 a bag.  
(this translates to the amateurs had no idea what old grandma's stuff was worth)

I proceeded to cherry pick the Ziploc bags that were filled with vintage goodness and created a small pile.  Seen above were my favorites.  The embroidered runner they had physically placed a safety pin with a tag on it reading .10 and then put it in a Ziploc bag.  
(detecting my reasoning for amateur?  they have now spent more money on Ziploc bags and tags than the price of goods to sale...at their pricing)

Made my purchased, negotiated my price of $10 if I bought it all...he quickly agreed.  I was buying the junk.  He asked my why I didn't want the newer things on the truck.  My response:  over priced, it is all from Target and Kohl's has no value to me and I don't need it.  Genius #2 said, what should the junk you bought be priced?"  After I had paid for my goodies...I said:
a.  priced too high on the new goods
b.  your actual valuable merchandise, anything over 50 years old/+  is far more desirable and appealing.
c.  genius #3 says, "I can't believe that"
d.  you could have priced any of the items I purchased $3-5 each and I would have still bought it.  What does that tell you?

This is when Genius #1 responded with the smartest statement of the morning...
"we don't know what we are doing"
I agreed.

My response as I walked off.....have a great day guys!

The feeling was mutual!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Wee Bit of Free Motion and Hand Stitching!

The other day I did a wee bit of free motion and hand stitching! So much fun! Once again, no idea where this is leading or going..but, it is most fun to experiment.

I so love to just put some thread in the machine....cut a little fabric...and start stitching.  


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Layers of Embroidery Life!

I don't really have a goal that I am trying to achieve currently....sometimes that is good...and sometimes it is not.  The freedom to create without a deadline is often a good thing, yet it can make you lazy as well.

Every day I am trying to create some little something.  This was today's project.  Lovely little family layered on to a paper coaster.  I am in to paper coasters right now.  So many doo-dads and gizmos are landing on a paper coaster.  

Tomorrow will be something new...no paper coasters!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bar Coaster is Embroidery Art!

I absolutely loved this cardboard bar coaster.  This jockey man image was fantastic.  Just had to embellish him a wee bit....buttons, embroidery, ephemera....all kind of fun!

Nothing is finished...but, many little snippets of creativity are blossoming!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Embroidery Message!

I have not seen my little friend since the day I took her to college August 16th. I am headed to see her today!

So, I am going to get some ....

Stay ....

And ....

To the occasion!!! Can't wait!!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Junk Whisperer" Bumper Sticke

Had to share this photo!!  Today was such a fun day.  Hung out with my junkin' girls all day!!  I have never seen so much furniture turnover from so many angles.  At the end of the day had the pleasure of popping by one of the junkin' peeps new home.  A precious, homey wonderful home full of junkin' goodness. 

When she opened the door my mouth dropped in pure joy!!  The three lights suspended over the island in her kitchen were these wonderful galvanized roof vents!  Absolutely FAB!!!

The owner of this home also has this Junk Whisperer bumper sticker in the back window of her truck.

It so warms my heart to see a kindred spirit profess their love of junk!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Boston Terrier Love!

I've been a little behind on my blogging....very busy time of year!  But, while doing some cleaning up, my little furry friend decided to help me.

What do you think?

a.  my you have a dirty home
b.  my your dog sure is nosey
c.  a little of both



Got to love her!