Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pursue The Whimsical!

The summer is beginning to wind down....this weekend is the last big swim meet for the season...yea! Much time this summer has been put into being a Mom, and little time allowed for the creative experience...but, I can feel it coming! School will start in less than a month....two great show to do this fall....and much art to create. Did this little piece about a week ago....many things "under construction". Will be back in the blogging groove real soon....hang on! I miss my creative cyber pals!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Whack A Doo Life!

I heard someone recently use the term: whack-a-doo I fell in love with this phrase. What does it mean? How would you use it properly in a sentence? As defined by Alexa Lett....artsy-craftsy merchant: whack-a-doo: - verb. a way to describe a whimsical, fun, not exactly orderly, inviting of abnormality, crazy and unique style. It is an antonym for normal. Sample sentences: The lifestyle of the Lett family can be described as whack-a-doo. The whack-a-doo jewelry set the creative woman apart from the crowd. Which led to this little piece of jewelry I made this afternoon. The non-profit organization, "I Live Here-Creative Writing Programs a project of Operation USA" contacted me in regard to donating a piece of jewelry to their silent auction. I felt honored to be included...and strongly thought some very creative words to express my deep literary genes would be necessary. I created this...also includes a tiny little piece of hand embroidery. It hangs really long...has about three rows of chains and glass beads...and this smashing rectangular locket filled with the famous new word and stitchery. I thought it turned out quite interesting. Hope the people out west in the (Los Angeles) finds my sense of style appropriate. Although, I don't think the wives of Orange County would quite get it....or would they? Whack-a-doo could easily fit into their vocabulary perhaps?......
Have a whack-a-doo day!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This is a precious little gift I received from a dear friend. The packaging was outstanding! A simple brown box with a band of dictionary paper held by a simple round disc.
When anything is presented to me in this fashion.....I begin to feel the tingle of greatness!
Only to open it and find this lovely handmade pin! The mounting card was from a dictionary page, and the pin itself was created from vintage wallpaper. It was just adorable!
I was thrilled to receive such a treasure and equally thrilled to share such an artisan. The Foundling website is filled with delicious handmade items. Be sure and give it a look here.
Can't wait to wear this little piece of delicious garnish!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Cinema!

Saw this lovely old theatre on the square of a small town I travelled through over the 4th weekend. Love the name...the signage...the giant changeable letters on the marque....just perfectly vintage. The oddity comes in what is playing..."Transformers" and "Ice Age"...hmmm. Even on a beautiful old cinema it looks great. Have much to share...but, much to organize to post....keep checking's all coming soon!

Thursday, July 2, 2009