Saturday, June 26, 2010

Eagle Has Landed!

"Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess."
-Oscar Wilde

My eagle has landed!
Home from camp.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Winner Is....

Just want to thank Karen Valentine of The Desert Cottage for doing all the work and organization needed to host 450 creative dwellings!  This event has been uber fun!  I have met many kindred spirits...and some people who are just as whack-a-doo as myself.  It has been a creative pleasure to meet you all!  But now for the winner of a little piece of my art....

the random number generator selected number 14!  And the fourteenth comment was from Joy at Uncanny Festoon! Just contact me Joy and we will pop your art right out to you!

Thanks to everyone again for all the kind words!  Come back and visit any time!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Enter My Studio! And Win Some Art!

Welcome to my studio!'s below ground level.  The steps to the basement provide the walking tunnel to creative freedom.  This tiny ledge and wall on the way down have become my daughter's art gallery.  In this space are my favorite artistic endeavors created through 15 years of her life.  Every medium is covered....every subject matter is exploited and my, oh my, has improvement and skill increased.  This area provides a visual stimulant of color, memories and quirky style. Just the right  creative appetizer for what will eventually lead you to the buffet of fun!
View from the bottom of the steps.

Close up photos of the results of art teachers instruction. Cool stuff!  Thank goodness art is a part of her daily school experience.  It all starts with a crayon, glue and some macaroni!
This framed instruction is hung at the bottom of the steps!  I found these vintage alphabet cards and spelled out and framed the theme of my basement.....Come Play!

The door to my studio greets you with this simple phrase.  A regular vendor during the Ga-Zillion Mile Yard Sale paints these simple little board signs.  Love her words....

The actual room is about a 10x10....but, it is filled with stuff if placed end to end might circle the globe eight times.  I can cram 50 items into a shoe box sized rubber tub....loose it...forget about it....and accidentally stumble across it while looking for something else, and scream like it is Christmas and Santa just brought me the piece of junk I've been dreaming about.  This little shelving duo is oozing with goodies!  

The top shelf is a flashback to my childhood! If you have any interest in Gumby, Ms. Piggy, Pez, all things bowling, a barrel full of monkeys, cabbage patch babies, plus a metal fridge with food decals on the door, this shelf will speak to you!  The color...memories....and texture delight me completely!

Notice the "DivaStar" in the original package gazing from the bulging blue eyes....yes, her name is "Alexa".  As a child, one of my biggest beefs was the inability to stumble across my name on stuff.  I yearned to own a key chain...pencil....leather bracelet or Christmas ornament with "Alexa" emblazoned across it.  My best friend "Jane" had the pick of any spinner rack.   Let me tell you "Alexa" was on notta'.  But, at 38 years of age, my 7 year old daughter gave me this as a Christmas gift.  It warmed my heart!  I feel certain a big headed doll that only says obnoxious fashion phrases like, "I'm a fashion guru", "I like beautiful hair extensions" and "Love me, love my style" is not quite the iconic Ms. Piggy I wanted to associate with....but, my name is officially emblazoned. Whoop, whoop!

Willy Wonka was my favorite childhood movie and yes, my daughter begged her Dad to get me this for Easter.  My little bunny gave me this full of golden wrapped chocolate bars.  Candyland was my favorite game, and my honey gave me this lunch box in the right corner.  Detecting a pattern of patterns?

My studio closet closed...

My studio closet opened and maximized!

This is the epicenter of my creative madness!  My little Stickley 'styled' desk is pleasantly placed in front of the only window in the room.  Art provides drapery for the late afternoon sun.  

The chair (a.k.a. rolling throne) is simulated, cow hide, with a comfy square pillow that totally contradicts all things around me, and defines the opposite style of everything I create....."Simplify"!  Since when I'm in there, my booty is sitting on the word....therefore, its essence is only obvious in embroidery....not in style!  Contradiction....yippee!

Bird's eye view of the epicenter!

You just can't have enough pens, pencils, needles and planters.  Oh, the planters.  The floral soup can holder was created by an artist friend.

Surrounding yourself with works from your favorite artists is very important to me.  The late Howard Finster is one of my favorites.  I only have two pieces but, each is quite awesome.

These four little people (artistry on a squashed soda can) are fantastic!  The name of the artist escapes me (many apologies), but the artistic line is called "Cannibals".  Love them!

Yes, this is a tie...and yes it has a monk painted on it.  I purchased this from a high school artist during a fundraiser at my daughter's school.  I thought it was so odd and couldn't go home without it.  His name was written in a language I couldn't read....sorry.
Not to steal someones wording...but, this is my "inspiration" corner.  Things I really like, manage to find a home stuck in this board.  Clearly, I like texture and color!  Call me a maximalist! Writing is one of my
favorite forms of creativity!  An abundance of color and whack-a-doo stuff seem to stimulate my need to speak like I think.  Not necessarily eloquent...but, me.

Since my space is relatively small....I'm a huge fan of fishing tackle boxes.  Display space and shelving is a premium in my domain, so once I'm in a creative zone, I line the tackle boxes along the floor and open them all up! Instant hardware and findings in complete view.  
This is a doll head.....

this is a doll head on craft.
(little creative humor...argh, argh)

Let's now tip toe through some art that was created in my abyss of junk.  There is no doubt the end result of my assemblage of stuff strongly reflects the environment from whence they come.  
I tend to create small things....because the bulk of the pieces can often be created while in the car, sitting on the bleachers of a volleyball game, or sitting outside.  The little stitchy birds were made at Notre Dame High School while sitting on the steps of the gym.  My daughter was at volleyball practice.  Found the silver freezer lid at a junk sale...glued the music on the back about a month before the birds were created...freezer lid needed something day while staring out the window I threw the stitched birds on the work landed on the freezer lid...bah-dah-bing!   Union of the two!  So deeply thought out...don't you think?  I'm never a victim of "over analyzing"!!

I LOVE PIN CUSHIONS!  I am a wee bit over tired of the tomato version, so one day I started beadazzling all my little planters, vases and most any open container.  This was the end result!  Great gift to give a fellow stitchy person!
This piece was HUGE for was 16x20...very three dimensional for me!
Back to normal working size for me....9x9!  Loved the little plastic puppy!

No clue how this came to be....had an extra cigar box....stuff laying all came together!  Kind of quirky, yet fun!

Win This Little Piece of Art!

If you have taken the time to possibly read....thumb through all these photos....give me your attention...there should be some type of reward.  The above piece of art with the key, bird and the fabulous quote:

"Distinction is the consequence, never the object of a good mind."

can be yours!!  Simply leave a comment at the end of this post to be a part of the drawing.  Don't forget to leave some type of contact information if you happen to be the lucky recipient.  I will need to find you!  Drawing will be June 23rd!

There it studio!  Thank you for stopping by....please come back!  Thank you to Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage for the opportunity to share.  It's been fun...and sometimes a little lens peaking in  is great motivation for clean up.  My creative buffet can get a little messy.
Fun! Fun!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tour My Studio Soon!

I've been cleaning, stuffing, cramming, sorting, throwing and a multitude of many other things, so that  photos of my studio did not make me a candidate for some less complimentary blog progressive party than this.  

Come back on June 19th!
My little piece of creative heaven (my opinion only) is one of many studios across the blogosphere that will be sharing their creative spaces!

Go to My Desert Cottage and see
"Where Bloggers Create II"

Sneak Peak below......there's more from whence this much junk comes.....

Comment on the 19th and win a piece of art!

Come back on the 19th!!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Margaret Oh Margaret!

"Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. 
It's not a day when you lounge around doing nothing;
it's a day when you've had everything to do, 
and you've done it."
-Margaret Thatcher

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sweaty Nose, Artful Toes and Chacos!

Summer has been rough....for so many reasons...not to be re-lived, nor re-said.

One of the high points of summer is my furry daughter lounging in the sun....then panting in the heat!

Plus, summer camp!  My sweet little friend left today for her first stay away from home 14 days camp!  Ahhhhhhh!  She hugged, kissed and said, "see you in two weeks".  I was thrilled for her, and frightened all at the same time.  I can't wait to hear about the adventures....friends....activities and memories made.  
Should be FUN!

Sweaty Nose, Artful toes and Chacos!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Domino Necklace!

In just a couple of months I am doing an art class...yippee!  I just finished today our project we will be making....a mixed-media domino necklace!  I think they turned out kind of cute.  I've had one on all day and have conducted my own personal survey with my public.  One visit to Hobby Lobby got me two comments!  It has possibilities!  

"It's like the domino effect.  
Things start looking bright and new and shiny.  
One person does it, then everyone else wants to "ditto" off that."
-Diane Clark

Let us hope the class feels the same as Ms. Clark.  What do you think?