Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's Not Just An Envelope!

I have a friend who is truly an artist. Just a few days ago I received a little note from her, and above was the envelope it was in. Frankly, she could have written her name on a 3x5 index card and called it a day once I opened the piece of mail, for the envelope was waaaaaay more interesting and fun than the purchased card. It had cute art, whimsical images, multi-colored inks and wonderful words and quotes. My daughter and I were smiling long before we got to the card. I've never thought about using the envelope as a canvas to express creative "whatever", don't you think the postal people got a bigger charge out of seeing this envelope over the traditional blank and computer typed variety? I resolved at that very moment while sitting at the end of my driveway looking at her envelope and the rest of the mail...I will NEVER just send an envelope. It will always be a canvas for artistic expression while in route to whomever. Sometimes it is not about the purchase, as much as it is about the effort. I hope you will never see your mail as just stacks of could be stacks of happy doodles embracing a warm message.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Need I Say More?

I was thumbing through some photographs from my flea marketing trip...and I found this photo. Chuckled when I saw it that day...did the same thing today. I think it speaks for itself....need I say more?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Got It?

I am an only child. I never had a sibling that "got me"...but, I do have many friends that "get me". As of late some have surfaced with lots of "gotcha" enthusiastically. But, I always had one aunt that got it. Ever since I was a little girl she always sent me some trendy, wonderful, clever, one-of-a-kind, special gift at Christmas time. I ALWAYS loved it. She never failed to box up a delightful treat that I always got to open the moment it arrived. Well, this same aunt now does it for my child. How awesome is that? Since I have produced an only child, the little treasures from relatives that come via mail are minimal. But, I can always depend on this aunt without hesitation. The best part of this story is....she still remembers me! My daughter just opened her just arrived Christmas package...squealed with delight...and there ever so daintily wrapped in the bottom of the box was a little goody for me. I don't know if she reads my blog...saw my love of elf related figurines...or what, but she sent me the chef elf (say that three times)...and he is FANTASTIC! What better way to remember someone with quirky things that only they would love? Get it?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Artists In Cellophane!

I have had the great honor of being one of the artists in the "Artists in Cellophane" project. They are celebrating their 10th Anniversary this year and I have experienced an incredible artistic endeavor with their help. You must go to their site and read the wonderful beginnings of this adventure, view the outstanding retro art/former cigarette machines, and peep in on the the creative contributions from the list of artists. My fun little domino necklaces were chosen to be a part of the project. I applied a small piece of paper with my email address on each piece submitted encouraging anyone who purchased one of my necklaces to please let me know where it landed. The most interesting folks have now become a part of my email community. One of my domino's ended up in Alaska. Who would have thunk it? The machines are located all over the United States. Try to find one in your is worth the $5. To learn more about it, go to:

Monday, December 17, 2007


Right in what I consider the middle of holiday preparation...studying for exams...winding down the many tasks for the daughter is required to build an example of the solar system. I personally go into panic mode, knowing it will take both of us three, possibly four evenings to complete. So, with list in hand, we stop at the local craft store, she makes her necessary purchases and off home to begin the building of the galaxy. After a snack, swim practice, watching a little TV, having the evening meal and some various other studying, she begins to build the universe. Knowing it is time for me to keep my opinions and help at a distance, keep doing my tasks around the house in hopes my contribution will be minimal. Within approximately an hour and one half, she emerges from the basement with the above model. I did nothing. There were no consults, advice given, color suggestions, or engineering influences on my part. She built the solar system all on her own. I was shocked....thrilled....and quite proud of her efforts. The craftsy gene has begin to flourish. She doesn't need Mom to help make it perfect, she can do quite well on her own. So, to all you Moms....there does come a time when you are no longer needed in the school project building quote a "master crafter"...."this is a good thing".

Saturday, December 15, 2007

He Smells Like Kibble Not Cookies!

I just happened to be looking through some old photos the other night and stumbled on to this picture. This is our precious, dainty, flower....Daisy. This was her first visit to see Santa. We all felt quite confident she would sit quietly, slightly nervous, and highly anxious to get back to her car and home in minimal time....little did we know. The moment Daisy made Santa contact, she went into "I Love You" appreciation lick mode without hesitation. Poor Santa had no idea that 10 pounds of short-haired, angelic flower power, could leap into his face, reel out a tongue and lap his moustache and beard faster than he could adjust his fake wig. She felt the Christmas spirit, and knew only kind gestures would insure her toys and treats. Santa was overwhelmed with her joy, and once all energy was under control, listened in his dog whisper-er way to what she had to say. Christmas was great that year, and thank goodness the essence of the season was captured by a Polaroid.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Egg Cups....Maybe?

I recently attended a yard sale in my area. I'm a huge fan of purchasing someone's stuff at rock bottom prices. I found these two adorable wooden, handpainted soldier type figures. The top of their hat could easily hold a boiled egg. I'm not sure what they are supposed to be....but, they add a lot of Christmas charm to my mantle. My daughter gave me the quirky little elf that obviously had a former life hanging on to something, and seemed to fit perfectly atop this hat. They are clearly beginning to age, paint is crackling and fading. I guess for me, part of the purchase was wondering if some yummy, nurturing mother gets up on Christmas morning, prepares her children their breakfast and serves it in these delightful egg cups? It paints a "Cleaver" moment in my head. I have learned for myself, that having the imagination to create what story something may tell is somewhat easier than telling your own. I think these egg cups have been used lovingly many times to serve two children a special Christmas breakfast. I might even try to replicate it for mine....

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Our Flower!

Sometimes you only get the pleasure and love of certain company for a short time. Our Lily was the best! We will miss you!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bridesmaid or Queen Bee?

I recently found these three adorable ladies at an antique store. They were buried in an apple basket of miscellaneous sandwich bagged items, absurdly priced at .50. They stand about 1 1/2" in height, and I think they were formerly cake toppers, guessing from the fossilized crumbs and icing still stuck to the bottom. I thought they were wonderful! The detail of each face, bouquet and dress are outstanding. Maybe they had a former life of "always the bridesmaid". Whatever their intentions were to be....they are now "Queen Bees" to me.

Monday, December 10, 2007

This past weekend was one to remember. It started late on Thursday, with a trek to my Mom's house (she has outstanding hotel accommodations while we attend athletic functions in her area). Friday began at to an athletic home about 3pm...everyone crashed from exhaustion. Saturday began at to an athletic home about 4pm....went to dinner then crashed. Sunday began at to an athletic event...left arena at 8pm for a three hour drive home...only to pass out from exhaustion at midnight. It was a three day trifecta of parental support, fun and frivolity. While writing this post, I saw these three little girls watching me work...there was no doubt in my mind each took turns watching over us each day. It took all of us to get through the weekend!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cathartic Hobby!

hob·by 1 (hŏb'ē) Pronunciation Key n. pl. hob·bies An activity or interest pursued outside one's regular occupation and engaged in primarily for pleasure.

My sidewalk psychology for everyone is to get one...that is a "hobby". The pleasure of a hobby cannot be enjoyed until one has found it is the only way to:
1. escape from yourself
2. tap into the "draw outside of the lines" side of your brain for purging
3. provides no opinion of you or your hobby creation or outcome
4. on some occasions certain hobbies might provide additional revenue and who wouldn't like that?
5. provides goals, incentives and motivation for yourself
6. creates satisfaction of something done

This is my hobby...making quirky jewelry from other stuff! Test drive many...but find one...and to quote a marketing genius..."Just Do It".

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My friend and I recently went on a "flea marketing/junking" trip! The most fun I have had in many years. Great friend, good times...fantastic junk! While taking a little snack and beverage break we happened to be sitting behind these two young lasses. My friend and I both agreed to have a 'heart to heart' with the other should one of us come out dressed like this, yet a large part of myself admires their boldness. The one on the left has a very large, and self-made plumage of red and purple feathers in her hair...the one on the right has purchased comfy, black walking shoes, but, hot glued red and purple grosgrain ribbons across the toe...not to mention the variety of purple and red accessories amplifying their commitment to the "Red Hat Society". The personal fashion statement at first is somewhat garish, but upon minutes of observation, represent the woman of self-confidence I want to become. A person comfortable in their own skin, proud of the organization they represent, inventive and craftsy in their selection of purple and red, and more importantly, flanked by a good friend of equal stature. To dream.....

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Nothing Says Festive.....

Nothing says "Festive" like a bowl full of dice! Christmas decorating is certainly at a minimum this year. The tree is finally up...the pumpkins have finally disappeared, and there is a wreath on my door. I have decided to continue with my Christmas garnish by looking at what is already sitting around and giving it a new face. Glasses of dice with a single candle are now taking center stage on my mantle. With minimal effort and bowls of colorful dice the transition was easy, fun looking and makes me happy. I love dice!