Monday, September 26, 2011

Collections Out Of Hand...

"Hobbies of any kind are boring except to people
who have the same hobby."
-Dave Barry

 Funny...what starts out as a cute little collection or hobby can blossom into an overwhelming, out of control mass. A nice odd number of units, maybe 5-7, becomes a triple digit inventory that almost makes you and your stuff an episode topic on "Hoarders."  A simple item on a "hunt" list while out foraging estate sales, flea markets and yard sales begins to negate the purpose collecting completely. 

I first found this awesome old blue, pottery container....great for umbrellas.  It has held umbrellas in my foyer for years....until...
a weirdo affection for canes, croquet mallots and badmitten racquets began to ease out the umbrellas.  Take note of umbrellas in blue pot.  I can't wedgy another wood handled anything in my blue pot.  The collection has absorbed my umbrella storage space and I now lean them in the corner.  The mail and me get wet on occasions.
A simple bowl of dice that made me smile could now support all the craps tables in eight Las Vegas casinos.  I love the color and sound dice make when klinked together.  A bowl of dice just makes me happy!  But now, just breezing by my coffee table while flipping on the TV, and a couple of dice will bounce across the great room and my dog yells "seven". 

Once again, out of control collection or hobby.  
What do you do?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's A Sampler...or a Quilt...or....

 All the little pieces and bits become my form of a sampler.  Create lots of little mini pieces of "whatever you want to call this".  Have no intention any two will belong together.  Make a bunch...30-40! Spread them all out on a table and piece together which ones belong on one piece of art.  It's kind of a oddly pieced quilt.
Redefine sampler, piecing, quilting....

Friday, September 23, 2011


Last Fall about this time, my favorite junking haunt in Ringgold, GA, United Gift Shop, with the awesome owner of Joy had a yard sale.....whoop, whoop!  I saw this wood shelving unit with numbered shelves and the infamous "I see something I must have" tingle commenced.   I got there a little late so why in the world this was still there only is answered with the "junk angels" were waiting on me.  I immediately snapped it up!

This shelf has sat in my garage for one year....until Wednesday.  I lugged it downstairs, cleared out a hole, and began filling it with all my ephemera.  Little did I know I had that many bingo cards.  It was a blast to revisit all the paper goodies I have accumulated over the years.  Who knew I had this much stuff?  By simply organizing this junk I gained 4 square feet in my studio.  Outstanding!

The top was perfect for all my jars of buttons, thimbles, parts, hardware, etc.  I think this shelf may be the best investment I've made in a long time.  Love it.

Nothing feels better than organization....and finding goodies you forgot you had.  

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Porch Magazine!

I stumbled upon a really fun magazine....PORCH! Pages and pages of photos and images of junk, art, stuff and all things I think are "the BOMB". I ordered a back issue with a cover I really liked was my choice. It was quite fun to thumb through the pages and enjoy some major eye candy!!
Cover Photo!

Love the pins on the left!
Cool furniture!

Fun stuff!  Check it out at PORCH!

Monday, September 19, 2011

A new Stampington & Company magazine is on the way!!! It is titled, "Mingle"! The cover photograph is absolutely yummy. I can't wait to see what glorious goodies will fill its pages. And.....Stampington & Company has graciously offered me a free copy to give away to one of my blog - a - nistas! So, keep checking in to see what interesting way YOU will be the proud owner of the latest publication from Stampington & Company!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Needle Tippie Toe into Needlepoint!

The Needle Nest of Columbia, TN is awesome!

My opinion of needlepoint from birth to August 6th, 2011, 2:37pm:

I thought this was an old, tired, somewhat dated, yet beautiful art form that I would like to try someday; but until I saw an interesting, achievable, small project that I might possibly finish (not known for completing long term projects) will not do.   Attempting to create a seat cover, bell ringer, or massive fireplace embellishment with dark, floral, Victorian colors was not going to happen.  I felt everything seen in regard to needlepoint was boring.

My opinion of needlepoint as of August 6th, 2011, 2:38 pm:

I'm a dumb...dumb!  My best-est friend mentioned several times I needed to visit The Needle Nest in Columbia, TN.  She felt I would love it!  Who knows me best?  My best-est friend.  While participating in a art show in Columbia, she took me over to the quaint little store, The Needle Nest.  

Walked in the door and was visually brought to a "mouth gaping" moment filled with glee.  All the walls were displayed with hip...fresh...appealing needlepoint graphics and kits that were screaming, "make me, Alexa!"
One room had a wall of thread (wish I had taken a picture, my error) that made me tingle.  Beautiful colors, textures and examples of outstanding, vibrant and "kick-butt" finished work filled the store.  I literally wanted to sit down and start a needlepoint project that fleeting moment.  

It took approximately an hour for me to figure out which of the many projects I wanted to pursue.  I knew a simple and small project would be my friend.  Keep in mind I DO NOT KNOW HOW to needlepoint.  The array of projects was fantastic!  I had no idea needlepoint could be so cool.  Some of the options of patterns included belts, eye glass cases, jewelry, ornaments, book covers...and what immediately tempted my fancy was the ever so small, yet usable... and a project that might actually get completed....luggage tag.  My best-est helped me select thread and my first needlepoint kit purchase was made.  Yippee....skippee!

The cute little chick minding the store was terrific (I apologize for not remembering your name, you were great).  She clearly enjoyed her job and had no problem explaining and demonstrating a few simple needlepoint "tricks of the trade" to me, the novice.  She gathered up my needed supplies once the project was selected, gave me a "cheat sheet" for beginners and I felt like needlepoint creativity was going to commense.

Went home and began my foray into needlepoint!

This is the finished project!  I was so proud.  This may be my first time to ever complete a "kit" type creative endeavor.  Face it, I only made half of a pot holder with my loom kit given to me by Santa Claus when I was 8.  Completing something is HUGE!

Disclaimer:  Do not look closely Beth Gilbert, needlepoint extraordinaire.  I now see the importance of your stitching going in the same direction.  I was a bit schizo...but, I enjoyed and loved the process any- who!

Note To Self:
 The crafting/creative world does evolve.  Do not assume you will not want to participate.  Seek out fresh new venues for those who "get" the art form.  Just....Do It!

Monday, September 12, 2011

I Finally have MOO Cards!

I absolutely LOVE MOO cards...the mini version especially!  When I go to an art show and see MOO cards as the creator's business cards...I know I am going to like what they create.  

The size is perfect...half the size of a regular business cards.  

 A simple template to upload your photos...or select from their adorable array of graphics...add your personal data and you are done.
Please take note of the use of my mini clothes pins...thank you Julie B.

I can't wait to hand them out!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Another Clothes Pin Entry!

Yes, another entry about clothes pins....what's up with that?  
I do have an odd affection for the world's most wonderful utilitarian tool.
My "picking sister" got me these. A jar of itty-bitty clothes pins in a teeny tiny old mayo jar.  They are only about 1"in length.  Oh so cute and precious.  

Unsure of their future...but, the creative whim will strike.  I'm in the just want to look and hold stage right now.  

Any ideas?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kindred Spirits!

Kindred Spirits!

Happened upon an estate sale ad that read, "70 Years of Accumulation".  What more do I need to know?  
The address was a bit out in the country and only 8 miles from my house.  This was a Sunday afternoon and I felt everything might be 1/2 price....which is always a good thing.

Took off down the road and found this cute little vintage bungalow in the middle of no where.  Only two cars in the driveway and what appeared to be the perfect age home for my likes.  

Walked in and found a granddaughter and her mother minding the wares.  The Great-Grandmother was scaling down and wanted to get rid of everything.  I made the quick scan across the living/dining room and there was the spirit of crafting lofting over two 6 foot fold-up tables.  This little lady was my kindred spirit.  She enjoyed every form of creativity.  

She knitted, did needlework, sewed and painted.  All kinds of supplies were laid out like a second hand craft store.  It was awesome!  Sadness was close...for I felt she would miss this stash of supplies, after a simple inquiry I was relieved.  She had twice as much as this saved!  Whew!

This was the bundle buried deep into a box of miscellaneous goodies.  I unrolled the handmade supply tote....and EUREKA!....

a tote for many, many expensive and fabulous paint brushes!  It screamed for me to purchase and paint with our joint kindred spirit!