Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thought Number Two!

"He that will believe
only what he can fully comprehend,
must have a very long head
or a very short creed."
The above quote reminded me to expand my own thinking. When surrounded with what is not the norm, we must absorb and enjoy. I'm traveling with a friend this week...I thought it might be fun to see if anyone could guess the locale. Maybe tomorrow will be filled with unique little tidbits to pass for clutie pudin'!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Few Days of Thoughts!

For the next few blog will not include images...for I am far, far away from my computer. My access to technology is somewhat diminished, and uploading pictures will have to wait. In fact, sometimes it is good to not let a picture influence the words. But, an effort to continue the process, I have found some profound quotes to think about. Quote Number One...
"By cultivating the beautiful we scatter the seeds of heavenly flowers, as by doing good we cultivate those that belong to humanity."

Monday, March 24, 2008

Dresses and Hangers

This little piece of art was so fun to all started with the tiny little plastic hanger at the top. An estate sale rewarded me a little baggie filled with these remnants of doll clothes history. All different colors...sizes...and I'm sure stories of miniature clothes that formerly hung on them. I remember as a child being taught to hang up my clothes...I made my Barbie, or grounded she would be...I say it to my daughter...and I have heard her tell it to her dolls...obviously, this simple little tool and task spans the generations...dresses and hangers.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Easter Lily

The Easter Lily.

For many, the beautiful trumpet-shaped white flowers

symbolize purity, virtue, innocence, hope and life

—the spiritual essence of Easter.

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Bounty!

Metal detectors...they are a curious little tool. A funny looking little device that makes odd quirky noises upon detecting metal. Hmmm. I've always wanted to hang out with the seemingly atypical characters that obviously take their treasure hunting seriously. Well, instead of watching one...I became one. My recent stay at the beach was a little breezy for laying...waaay too cold for swimming...but, just perfect for hunting. The photo above is the end result of five hours of intense scanning and digging. This little attempt at killing the morning, became a mindless obsession for the family. The first initial screeching of the metal detector sent us into a rage of digging. The 1st unearthed paperclip made us wonder...the 22nd unearthed paperclip made us debate two things: 1. people are doing entirely too much work on the beach...or 2. an Office Depot container had no doubt sank out in the ocean blue, for there was absolutely no reason for the beach to be harboring that many rusty paperclips. The bottle caps could be explained...the eighty-six cents was a bonus....the lost bungalow key was somewhat disturbing...and the many bolts and screws created many discussions about hurricanes. An added bonus to being a "Metal Detector-ive" is the magnetism it holds to humans. Countless people would stop and ask to see our bounty...wait for the unearthing...or ask where we got the detector. It was an immediate conversation starter. (FYI: anyone wanting to meet people on the beach, rent a metal detector)

The family laughed, created weird little explanations, bonded, met equally curious people, and received monetary reward...all in all, the odd choice of rental rewarded the largest bounty.

We Are Cups!

"We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled.
The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over
and let the beautiful stuff out.”
-Ray Bradbury

In my recent adventures, I stumbled upon this quaint little antique store. I'm not necessarily a purchasing fan of fine antiques, but, certainly an admirer of such delicacies. This display of cups and saucers was beautiful! The light gleaming in...the dainty porcelain artistry...the large number of the all made me smile!

I recently was the recipient of someone spilling their beauty of sharing! Kim of featured my blog! If you are not a regular reader...I highly suggest you put this address in your favorites. Each entry highlights an artist and what they create. This is a terrific source to find and learn of the many creative people available by just a click of the computer. I'm not quite sure how the selection process is done...but, I am quite honored to have been selected. The kind words and positive feedback from her many readers have been astounding. Thank you Kim....from the bottom of my cup!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Colorless, Yet Colorful!

This latest piece of art is very bland in color, yet colorful in words. I just loved these three men all in similar sitting positions. The whole things radiates "old". Even the quotes look like something that would come from the mouths of these souls.

Off to enjoy some much needed R & R with the family. Don't stop checking in...Love to hear from you all!

Friday, March 14, 2008

A Virtuous Moment!

"Virtue is that perfect good which is the
complement of a happy life;
the only immortal thing
that belongs to mortality."

Just had an interesting conversation with a friend. We were discussing some hot topics common to both of us. Things that made us feel disgusted...angry...anxious...abandoned. Yet, she somehow wove the word "virtue" into the conversation, and the lack of it; and we each stopped and realized there were more "virtues" in what we were negatively discussing, than worthy of the negative conversation. We were dwelling on the minimal irritations, over the good. Hmmm. A common occurrence for us all, but an opportunity to delve into the word and its magnitude; not to mention the benefit of recognizing the virtues that stare us boldly in the face. Having now outed myself as a news junky yesterday, obviously nails me for being overly intrigued by the pessimistic and weirdly bizarre. Need to work on that...

But in the interim, I immediately went home to look up the word and properly define its meaning and had an epiphany. Virtue surrounds us constantly. Finding virtue in everyday occasions, actions and events is easy. We must re-arrange our minds to find it and nurture it. Our busy lifestyles and the multi-tasking mantra we all live by, only puts a spotlight on the things that disrupt the process. So, it is up to us to alter the significance of the negative speed bump.

This entry into the blog is obviously the need for a vacation....waaaay too deep. With that knowledge...blogging may be erratic for a while...going to get some R & R with the family. Just don't forget to enjoy the speed bumps, it might give you the opportunity to absorb a virtuous moment!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's A Revealing Day!

The thoughts and opinions on my "Two Birds Squared" were very accurate for the most part. Yea you! Here is the skinny on the birdies...

1. Black Bird: old album, with monopoly money wings
2. Bingo Bird: Bingo card and admission ticket wings

3. Tan Bird: Old JCPenney gift box with playing card wings

4. Black/Grey/White Bird: Black and white photograph of a water plane with "Cheers" game card wings

Well, that's how the birds flutter....thanks for playing along!
Now to other interesting stats and tagged by a wonderful blog by Heidi at "Dreams Intertwined" Very thoughtful and creative blog...go and enjoy. She has tagged me with this fun approach to sharing a bit of yourself not normally known to our readers. I am to enlighten you of five quirks/oddities/interesting facts about myself that you might otherwise not know. Plus, tag five of my fellow bloggers with the same task. If you have happened upon these on other is quite interesting. Thank you Heidi for typing...."Your It"....this has been fun!


1. I graduated from high school at 16 years of age...and college at 20. I was a young one!
2. I was a piano performance major. Very useful degree.

3. I am a huge fan of prison movies! Twisted?
4. On my 40th birthday I received one of the most thoughtful and wonderful gifts. Being a huge tennis fan (not player, just fan), my husband purchased tickets to the US Open at Flushing Meadows, NY. We attended the tournament for four days! I saw many of my favorites....Williams Sisters, Agassi, Federer, Shirapova, and many more!

5. Probably one of the oddest my obsession with current events. I go online every day and read the headlines and front page of various newspapers across the nation. Throughout the course of the week I'll hit the Salt Lake Tribune, Idaho Statesman, Union Leader of NH, The Beaumont Enterprise of S.E., many more. I don't read each one every day, but I'll hit the front page at least once a week of about 20 papers. I get overly interested in odd crimes..stories...or events, go to the various papers, and then I'm hooked for a while. It all stemmed from a bad stint with insomnia. I'm out...I'm a news addict.

6. I'll throw in number six...I very seldom post a photo of myself, but many have requested a more recent one, and I thought this "half head" shot would add a little mystery. Oddly, the other half is similar to this half.

I am going to tag five people via email. In researching the proper addresses, I saw two people were currently sharing their 5, I'm going to check with each first.

This has been art coming soon!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's An Art Day!

This is one of the latest completions. I named it "Two Birds Squared". Everything lately seems to have a repeating element in it. Obviously, birds were on my mind.

My husband will look at something I do, and make a quick assessment in under 30 seconds...totally missing the point of what I'm trying to accomplish. (In his defense, this assessment generally occurs when he is watching a ballgame of some sort, so said, "assessment" must be made during a commercial or time-out.)

But, should proper mulling, finger on chin thinking, and observing take place, my hope is to create "a-ha" type blips in the brain. Upon looking at something I is not so much the the cool stuff used to
create it. I am a purest and only use the real photocopying...
no new look alike stuff...only the re-used and re-purposed stuff that was once something else. Hopefully, it's goodies that remind you of some pleasant time in your life.

So, to you, my most respected critics...I ask you to look deep into the work and tell me what the birds are made of?...tell me what were the wings at some point in life? Look deep and tell me what you see.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I Can See Clearly Now!

"Never be afraid of what you might be,
be afraid that you might not see it clearly."

This weekend held much conversation about what we wanted to be when we grow up. I threw in my two cents about my history...the beginnings of a music career...followed by various management and marketing jobs...and now currently a Wife, Mom and miscellaneous artistic entrepreneur. No doubt the first title has absolutely nothing to do with the last title. In fact, none of the titles have anything to do with each other at all....yet, little bits and pieces of wisdom have surfaced from each title to currently give me the one I hold. Half of the battle was recognizing it was possible, and acceptable to alter the title. The title was clearly there....although, sometimes it is hard to claim.

It is always interesting to discover what happens when you pen your thoughts. Things you never knew about yourself have a moment of clarity. I never dreamed I would be writing a artistic type blog, books, articles and various other freelance work....and I feel certain Mrs. Rucker, my 7th grade English teacher, would have questioned this literary goal indeed. Yet, it is clearly something I want to do.

Titles are merely words...but to know it is you, and what you want to do, makes everything else so clear. Can you see clearly?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Color of Enthusiasm!

The color of enthusiasm...what is it? I just had lunch with two dynamic women. They have a booming handcrafted business blossoming right under their feet. They are filled with colorful enthusiasm. It was outright contagious.

As a one woman operation...solitude is often my environment. I work alone...(not always a good thing). The whole mentality of "two heads are better than one", can certainly be beneficial. These particular two women are the essence of this philosophy. Each has their dominant strengths...and each almost needing the other to be one. It was quite wonderful to observe. The blogging community has certainly opened the world for like-minded people to convene and communicate, but, there is nothing like two brains chatting over a meal about their passions and hope for the future. To define it in everyday words...this enthusiasm was vibrant, fresh and quite vivid. It was creative juices flowing from every pore. It was no doubt the color of enthusiasm.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Madness Is My Methodology

"Method facilitates every kind of business,
and by making it easy makes it agreeable,
and also successful."
-C. Simmons

I'm baaack. Yesterday was minimalism...and today the work table definitely falls under maximalism. For some unknown reason my crazy methodology has returned and reared its sometimes ugly head. My work space is a veritable jewelry hardware and parts refuse haven. Art projects are drying on the floor, and there is not one square inch available to rest a thimble on my art table. To actually walk in my work space takes the proficiency of a trapeze artist.

All of this pinging around while creatively working is often frustrating for me to say the least. Multiple projects are in mid-process of completion and ideas binging out of my brain at a very high rate of speed make order in my environment virtually impossible. I have no restraint to stop and complete a series of things...just keep everything going all at the same time. Should someone not of the creative mind enter into my tiny little world...there is no doubt 'madness' might describe the first impression. This process completely defies all reasoning behind the idea of methodology.

Unless, this is my methodology...what if this chaotic, deranged style of assembly and creativity is the order in which I function best? It certainly would confirm the thought that opposites attract, for my husband is a orderly...put everything in piles...all things must have order...mystified by the mess...type of guy. Maybe my madness is my methodology...hmmm.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Freak Of Nature

There is no question I am a "maximalist", and by this I mean (since it is not defined in the dictionary to my pleasing)...

maximalist - noun. someone who enjoys clutter; seeks to collect every possible catagory; never is one enough, a collection of three or more is always better; there is no surface in their living area that some doo-dad has not found a home; concentrated stuff is preferred;
ex. "Since she was a maximalist, she had 42 different collections."

Even though maximalist is a descriptive title in which I'm worthy,...the above simpleton picture somehow came from me, and I actually liked it. My "M.O." (modus operandi...or way I do stuff) always screams color, texture, waaaay too much stuff, more is more and then add one; can sometimes be overwhelming. But, in my effort to display these cute little Bakelite button earrings, simplicity somehow stumbled into my lens. I snubbed it immediately and continued to add to the photo. But, upon looking through the images, this no doubt was the best.

Oh no...have I become a minimalist? Did this happen-stance moment alter my whole style of "everything"? Should I fear my "M.O." is changing?

Naaaa. I still have on 4 necklaces, 5 bracelets and approximately 6 vivid colors. This had to be a freak of nature.

"The world is a scene of changes;

to be constant in nature is inconsistent."


Sunday, March 2, 2008


This weekend was an entree' into Spring! My little cottage industry is busy making a variety of things for a handmade show my daughter and I hope to be participants. Remember the day we spent coffee painting any card in sight? Well this is one of the creations of that day.

The card is a new math flash card. We coffee painted it...added an adorable 50's-ish playing card, some miscellaneous fabric trim, additional charm garnish and a wonderful quote about Spring.

Hanging out together and seeing her become a creative, smart and contributing young adult is truly the best gift of parenting.

"We speak of educating our children.
Do we know that our
children also educate us?
-Lydia Sigourney