Friday, August 31, 2012

Monogram Tags!

I hope you have all picked up on the fact that I found a whole Christmas tin full of these little pieced quilted goodness.  There is a ga-zillion of them.  I have sewn them on everything possible.

Why not a monogram tag?  Of course....FELT!

I made tags for me and my little friend.  Great to put on a gift or whatever....

Got on a roll and made a bunch.  Almost a whole episode of a Seinfeld re-run and there you go!

No idle hands.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Quilt and Felt Goodness!

I am in a stitching phase!  Found a set of three beautiful red and blue edged linen cocktail napkins at a yard sale.  Plus, I found some beautiful navy and red felt....have I told you how much I love felt?...and remnants of a quilt top.....merged them all together.

Now, I have a beautiful red and blue edged linen embellished cocktail napkin.  Now what?  Not quite sure what to do with it...but, I sure did have fun creating it.

Maybe it is a future pillow....quilty art....wall hanging...don't know.

Just create.  It feels good.

Now...let's do some word transference. 

"Create with some felt and create with some thread
and create with some castoffs and create with some stuff you had.
Oh, the creations you can create
if only you go ahead!'

-variation on a theme by Alexa Lett in honor of Dr. Seuss, quite a clever guss

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gilda Radner Quote!

I have a friend that I so admire her uniqueness and creativity!  As of late, she gave her senior speech!  It is tradition at her school to honor the speaker with a small gift.  I will speak for her and say, "I think she likes "handmade" as much as I do".  Any who....I made her this little vintage photograph with her photo superimposed into the actual old photograph!

Added her name in anagrams....

and then put one of my favorite quotes of all times by one of my funniest comediennes....Gilda Radner!

It should all be our mantra to be ourselves and don't let life, time, and issues change that too drastically.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

100 Proof Press!

Just got some new stamps from 100 Proof Press!  As you all know, I love to have some type of "stitchey" something in everything creative I do.  Plus, I am a huge fan of anything that has a hint of old and vintagey!  So, when I saw the lidded glass mason jar stamp (#3707).....Yippee!

I love layers....this is multiple old pages of a book...all free motion stitched like a framework for the yummy mason jar stamp.  Then I had to add a teeny-tiny felt heart and scrap of fabric at the top.  Great little piece of art to give a mutual lover of old stuff and handmade!

100 Proof Press has a absolutely creatively beautiful website!

Check it out!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bakelite Pin!

This was my special purchase at the World's Longest Yard Sale!
The little Bakelite gem beckoned my name as I passed its case.  It said, "look at me, and then buy me." Yep, I listened. 
Just divine.

"How few people will realize how much detail had to be 
gone into before Bakelite was a commercial success."

-Leo Baekeland (inventor of Bakelite)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Bounty of the World's Longest Yard Sale!

It took more than one day to get everything posted...sorry.  But, today I got it all outside and photographed.  

This was my first purchase.  It was parked at the bumper of the crusty old car of my last post.  I've always wanted one of these shopping carts.  Just too cheap to buy it.  I graciously forked out $5 for this one.  Can't wait to make some kind of cloth insert of some old funky fabric.  And, this came in handy for the rest of the day.  

Loved this mild glass fish plate/bowl.  It is about 18" across.  Plus, the little cluster of lids and crochet potholders are always fun to find.

Once again, there is always some strange purchase that undoubtedly seems to duplicate.  Mine this year was odd heads.  The one on the left is made of some type of clay and signed on the bottom.  Although, her eyes look like they have cataracts.  The bottle on the right is just so freaky ugly I had to have her.  The bouquet of flowers on her head cover a cork.  I have a strange feeling she one time held a form of fermented something. 

Loved these bowls!  Beautiful shade of blue.

This is just a weirdo little cachet of miscellaneous gizmos.  

This was one of my favorite finds.  These red, black and white tabs were formerly on an organ.  I am unsure of the technical term of their title, but I do know I've never seen plastic organ tabs in a store.  This was a unique and glorious.  

A roll of tickets...and a roll of cloth measuring tape.

I am a huge fan of funky little pins and pendants.  The scotties were absolutely fantastic.  

Should I have the skill and time to sew and piece a quilt from all the remnants I have accumulated over the years, I could blanket a small state.  This pile of original feed sack fabric made me tingle. them!

This little purchase marked the end of my day.  A 16" plastic Santa made the entire of day 100+ degrees all worth the little Ho, Ho, Ho!

There is nothing like it....the World's Longest Yard Sale!

Until next year!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

World's Longest Yard Sale 2012!

Yes, it is that time again....World's Longest Yard Sale!

This year I have chosen to take photos of weird, interesting and obscure moments observed during my cruising of the yard sale hood.

It started with this crusty old car with a simple sign in the window.

Just in case someone needs half of a it is.  I'm unsure how you move it...but, should you want is available.

These lamps were unbelievable.  The end table that could support the 26" wide base would seem like a dining table.  The picture cannot begin to prove the enormity of these ever so simple lamps.

This particular yard sale vendor had one table.  On it were stacks of souvenir plates.  Each represented some state, theme park, monument or biblical verse.  I think this is an odd collection.  Now, we will compound this oddness and tell you....every one of them had a plate hanger on the back.  What does this say to me?  Somebody had all these hanging somewhere.  Can you imagine walking into a home and viewing 65-75 plates all displaying some memorable locale?  Hmmmm.

I am always fascinated by taxidermy at a yard sale.  Do people just purchase the stuffed and hunted catch of other people?  This unusual piece of stiff animal life was mounted in a standing position and leaning on a ride able child's toy van (maybe even a milk delivery van).  Odd.

One word....creepy.

These two beauties are one of my favorites.  They just look so natural.  Note: the damsel holding the constantly running hose only has one arm.  This perpetual filling pool was a hot spot for the next two photos.  My car thermometer registered at 101 degrees.  

Yes, this is a precious little pumpkin puppy in a market basket carrier, sitting on a vintage table cloth while shaded by a broken umbrella.  Wow.

Now this wee little face reminded me of my own wee one.  This is a Frenchie and his name was Zorro.  Presh!

Now tell me attending a yard sale is not entertaining?

Tomorrow....what I purchased at the yard sale.....