Friday, November 30, 2007

I suppose it is time to start decorating for Christmas....since they have had all the decorations available for purchase as of October 11th. It only seems fitting that I attempt to adorn my home with something remotely Christmasy. In an effort to not have to completely unload my attic to find everything....I have elected this year to go around my house gather anything that is childlike, red or green. Assemble them in fun little vignettes and declare Christmas decorating complete. I'm basically reassembling some already pre-existing stuff and hope for the twinkle of Christmas to cast its festive spell. I will dig out the tree and a few traditional decorations...but, I have officially acknowledged my lack of interest in becoming all sparkly this season. Perhaps the less pre-meditation is exactly what needs to happen. Less hassle, stuff and more family and fun. Keep your fingers crossed!

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