Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Yes, it is snowing here! Now to some this may not be a big those in our area...this is HUGE! We see snow very seldom, and as seen in this photo...this amount of snow is just this side of a blizzard. My daughter is sleeping with her pajamas inside out, and has put a spoon under every one's pillow. I think this may be some type of direct channeling method to the droppers of snowflakes in the sky...or some futile attempt at creating a southern, snowfall urban legend. Don't know. We are all on pins and needles regarding school attendance tomorrow. Keep in mind heavy snow moving equipment is virtually non-existent, and salt trucks (all seven of them), if summoned, could only cover minimal, there is a reason why we don't have snow removal tools. But, the unknown certainty that snow may fall, and virtually immobilize our city looms heavily in the minds of anyone attending school in our area. Once again, this is truly a testament to the innate human condition that thrives on the slightest glimmer of HOPE! Our household is filled with anticipation that school will be closed, and a snow day is imminent. There is nothing better than waking up to snowbird listing your school's name as "CLOSED, DUE TO SNOW AND ICY CONDITIONS". So, as I sit here with the surged inseam of my pajamas resting on the exterior of my body, and see a hint of a stainless steel utensil poking out from under my pillow...I too, have a little HOPE!

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Anonymous said...

Hihi so lovely! Usually we have loads of snow this time of the year, but someone must have forgotten to place their spoon under the pillow because it has all rained away :-)