Friday, April 25, 2008

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover...

"Books should to one of these four ends conduce,
for wisdom, piety, delight or use."

Once again it's a day of re-purposing art. At the rate I slap paint around, a second job just to maintain my canvas buying habit is in order. So, to avoid losing my "slap paint around" must find alternative resources. These book covers were in the free bin at my local used book store. Beautiful old worn linen covers in rich aged colors. They were a perfect substitution for canvas!

This is actually the inside cover of the book. It was a beautiful lake..cabin...type scene. The perfect place to see two retired codgers chit chatting about life...solving world peace...and telling embellished fish stories.

I always have a soft spot for boys playing Cowboys and Indians. This is somewhat a dinosaur in the "Let's Go Play ______" arena for kids today. Would it now be "Let's Go Play Power Rangers and Nimbots.....or Transformers....or Sub-Human Fighting Metamorphic Tetrazantaques"? I don't know....I just feel certain it's not Cowboys and Indians.

I will always love a small child out exercising her capitalistic right to create revenue. This may not be visible in the background....but, the sign behind the little girl says, "Fish Worms .25 Per 100". Quite a lot of digging and counting for the value of what would now equate to one spin in a gumball machine.
Books or should we say, book covers, have a new, don't judge a book by its might just be an outstanding new canvas!


Whitney Johnson said...

I love it! I've just accepted a job teaching classes at my favorite local paper arts store. I decided to teach "literature-inspired" projects (for youngsters) - I'm so excited! What a great idea - to use a book cover as a canvas. I'm searching out any book-ish inspiration I can find!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

love, love, love this! and the little block holders are just perfect - thanks for letting us
'see' in a new light.

Heidi said...

Really like all the new art you have shared with us! I love doing collages on old book covers! I started last year when at our church rummage sale, the woman in charge of books, decided no one bought those reader's digest short story compilations and put them out for free! They have cool patterned covers and are perfect for collage! Needless to say I took them all!